Talayeh Ashrafi, professionally known as Tala Ashe, has wowed her fans and followers with amazing performances in various movies and series. 

Arguably, her best role is as Zari Tomaz and Zari Tarazi on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. However, most people don't know that her husband also stars in the same show. 

Ashe usually keeps her romantic ventures under the surface. She rarely talks about them and shares them on social media.

Therefore, people were fairly surprised to know that she was married to her co-star, Raffi Barsoumian. Here is everything we know about Ashe and her love life and husband. 

Tala Ashe and Husband Raffi Barsoumian 

It is unknown when Ashe and her spouse started dating. There is no information about the couple and their love story. 

Tala Ashe posing for a picture

Tala Ashe posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

It seems like both of them enjoy keeping their relationship low-key and out of the spotlight. It is unknown who revealed the information about them being married, but people on Reddit definitely had their minds blown. 

A user, u/smrifire, posted on r/LegendsOfTomorrow that Ashe was married to her co-star, Barsoumian, who plays Bishop in the show.

u/jskurious replied to the post and said that nobody realized Barsoumian was Ashe's husband even when the two revealed it. They noted the actress uploaded pictures from their honeymoon. 

She was holding her hands up to show off her ring, but no one understood what she was trying to do. Moreover, u/jskurious pointed out that it was clever Barsoumian was cast in the Legends of Tomorrow alongside his spouse. 

They said, "it was a creative solution" since they could keep their "work bubble as small as possible" amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Fans discussing Tala Ashe and her husband Raffi Barsoumian's married life

Fans discussing Tala Ashe and Raffi Barsoumian's married life. (Source: Reddit)

There is no information about when Ashe married her husband, but the two went on a honeymoon in May 2019. According to their testimonial in Secret Dalmatia, the pair went to Croatia to celebrate their honeymoon. 

The testimonial was written by Barsoumian, who said he and his wife wanted to have authentic experiences and travel to several places. But the process of doing so was "extremely daunting" to the couple. 

However, the Secret Dalmatia helped them plan their two-week honeymoon to Croatia. As a result, they had a full and proper itinerary with many activities and proper access to hotels, a yacht, a ferry, and cars. 

The month of May was not a proper time to travel to Croatia for the newlyweds since it was raining and had bad weather. However, the couple managed it all along with their planner. 

Overall, the two had an amazing time in Croatia and their honeymoon. 

Raffi Barsoumian, Tala Ashe's husband, posing for a picture

Raffi Barsoumian, Tala Ashe's husband, posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

Who Is Tala Ashe's Husband, Raffi Barsoumian?

As indicated before, Barsoumian is also an actor and is involved in the entertainment industry as his spouse. He made his debut in an episode of NCIS in 2011. 

From 2014, he starred in The Vampire Diaries, and in2019, he was the protagonist in The Code. While Barsoumian has made a name for himself in the USA, he was not born there. 

He was born in Beirut, and his parents immigrated to the USA when he was a child. Regardless, his parents taught him about his ethnic culture and made him conscious of his roots. 

Both of his parents are involved in the entertainment industry and arts, so the actor knew he wanted to be an actor when he was young. He followed his dreams, and now he is living is. 

Moreover, he is also getting to work alongside his spouse. All in all, Barsoumian is living his best life at the moment with his partner.