Plastic surgery rumors have plagued singer SZA for a few years now. It all started after fans pointed out how different she looked in 2015 and onwards when compared to 2012/2013 when she first started her career.

Many were convinced SZA had gone under the knife after juxtaposing her before and after pictures.

As many noted, the artist's chin looked longer and her nose straighter. A few also likened her new look to Whitney Houston's, saying she wanted to look like the 'I Will Always Love You' singer.

While some argued that she might have looked different because of makeup and weight loss, the majority were convinced she had undergone plastic surgery as the change was too drastic for it to result from makeup.

Are SZA’s Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

So far, SZA hasn’t commented on the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her. However, a considerable portion of her fanbase has also expressed their support for her, even if she went under the knife to alter her looks.

Still, tweets and posts are going around trying to prove that SZA’s changes over the years weren’t natural and that she had undergone plastic surgery.


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SZA On Weight Loss And Body Positivity

Though SZA has never confirmed if she had plastic surgery or not, she has been very open about her weight loss journey.

When discussing body positivity with Shonda Rhimes, LGBT activist Jazz Jennings, and body positive advocate Alexandra Airene in 2018, the singer talked about how her thoughts on the subject had changed over the years.

It’s all about where it starts in your mind. I think there are a lot of standards that people told me about that I didn’t see. [When] I started, I was 190 pounds, I only wore my dad’s big t-shirts and socks on stage, no shoes, and didn’t even notice; never complained or tripped about my makeup.

SZA went on to explain that her perspective on the matter had changed. After releasing her platinum album in 2017, she started getting dressed and changed her signature look.


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The change, she says, brought her questions and criticisms from her long-time fans, but it didn't stop her. "I feel like I want to change. I want to be different. I want to grow. I want to learn… The standard should really come [from] within."

SZA also noted that the change that everyone was noticing was just the reflection of the inner transformation she was still undergoing.

In another instance, back in 2017, SZA defended Kendrick Lamar when he was under fire for the release of his single 'Humble,' where he raps about stretch marks.

While many pointed fingers at him for being misogynistic, SZA said the song was comforting to her as it supported positive body image.