Sunnyrayx0 uploaded a video of herself dressed as Spidergirl on her TikTok four days ago, as of this writing. 

With the Spiderman hype in full swing, no wonder the video went viral. The video has almost 13 million views at the time of this reporting.

If you're a fan of this creator, you probably already know that she cosplays fictional characters while adding her own flair, possibly to make the content more appealing to the masses. 

That being said, other creators on TikTok noticed something weird about her videos — Photoshop! 

Sunnyrayx0's Spider-Girl cosplay

Sunnyrayx0's Spider-Girl cosplay (Source: TikTok)

Sunnyrayx0 Got Called Out

On February 7, 2022, a TikTok user who went by @givemeanegg posted a video calling her out on her warped body — something that could only be achieved post-production.

After she uploaded the original video calling Sunnyrayx0 out, Sunnyrayx0 questioned why she was upset. 

"I'm not trying to hide anything lol," the TikToker, who also goes by the alias Cyber Kitty, penned. "I'm a cosplayer... the whole point is to look cartoon like." 

Now, this comment got picked up for another TikTok update, where the Owner of Eggs explained in detail why she called Cyber Kitty out. 

@givemeanegg's Problem with Sunnyrayx0

As per @givemeanegg, although Sunnyrayx0 accepted the comment made about her video edits, she was not upfront about it. 

Oh, and @givemeanegg also apologized for not noticing the comment that Cyber Kitty had made on her post but swiftly shrugged the apology off and credited her late response to being blocked by the said commenter.

Hence, the majority of her audience was led to believe that the body proportions were for real.

This would, in turn, make them feel horrible about themselves because those body proportions were literally unattainable. 

She called Sunnyrayx0 out for also uploading a video claiming that the videos were not in fact edited, effectively announcing that was how she looked in real life. 

Several users have noted that there are warped lines around her waists and sometimes around her face, indicating that the video had been tampered with after it was shot on camera. 

@givemeanegg also noted how Sunnyrayx0 was playing the victim by saying something along the lines of, "I didn't know it was a secret." 

"You can edit yourself as much as you want, but don't trick people into thinking that's you," @givemeanegg said in her video.

That's not to say that @givemeanegg considered Sunnyrayx0 as not beautiful. In fact, she said the exact opposite in her video on multiple counts. 

As for Sunnyrayx0 editing herself to look like cartoons, nowhere in her videos had she admitted to going the extra mile with computer-generated effects.

All the while, she accepted all the compliments flung her way by her fans the world over for her physique without letting them know it was not how she looked in real life. 

To top it all off, @givemeanegg just found it weird that Sunnyrayx0 was making sexually charged content while posing as children's cartoon characters and acting like a child herself.