Anime fans have been introduced to many strong characters over the years. While not all of them are heroes, they all have something in common — their power. 

Some use sheer strength to defy the laws of physics to defeat their enemies, while others have supernatural abilities to conjure demons from the depths of Hell. 

Thus, factors such as durability, fighting style, and special skills need to be factored in when evaluating their strength. With such consideration, here are the top 10 strongest anime characters that make up the list still in 2022. 

10. Eren Yeager — 'Attack On Titan'

Starting off the countdown, we have Eren Yeager from the anime series, Attack On Titan

Yeager is a normal human, but once he transforms into a 15-meter tall Titan with regenerative abilities, he becomes deadly. 

That’s not all. With the power of the Founding Titan coursing through his veins, he can control any other Titans, and with one simple command, he can strike down an entire army. 

9. Alucard — 'Hellsing Ultimate'

Alucard, spelled “Dracula” in reverse, is an immortal mythical vampire with superhuman speed and strength that allows him to dismember his enemies in seconds.

Thanks to his impressive collection of souls of those he’s eaten, it is downright impossible to kill him. 

8. Kageyama Shigo — 'Mob Psycho 100'

At first glance, Kageyama Shigo, more commonly known as Mob, doesn’t look like a threat. 

The superhero does not have ripped abs, bulging biceps, and gigantic pecs, but it is terrifying when his psychic abilities are fully unleashed upon the world. 

If he loses slight control over his powers, large-scale natural disasters will be inevitable.

7. Kaguya ÅŒtsutsuki — 'Naruto'

Naruto introduced some of the most powerful heroes and villains throughout the series, but there was no one quite like the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya

Kaguya, a celestial being, could read minds, manipulate memories, travel through space, and control all elements, making her nearly indestructible. She alone controlled Madara and almost destroyed the planet before Naruto and his team 7 sealed her.

6. Muzan Kibutsuji — 'Demon Slayer'

As the king of the demons and the leader of the terrifying Twelve Kizuki, Muzan Kibutsuji possesses superhuman strength. The main antagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has the unbeatable power to turn humans into blood-thirsty demons. 

Even if someone gets close enough to catch him off guard, his immortality and bio-kinetic abilities are no match. 

5. Simon — 'Gurren Lagann'

In the beginning, Simon is an underling to much more powerful characters, but by the end of the 26 episodes, he has a god-like command over life, the afterlife, and reality. 

He learned to incorporate spiral power and create giant mechas, one of which was said to be 52.8 billion light-years tall.

With such weapons at disposal, Simon can eliminate anyone or thing that stands in his way.

4. Tetsuo Shima — 'Akira'

Akira’s de facto antagonist is Tetsuo Shima, an ordinary teenage school dropout who gains immeasurable psychic powers after he unknowingly participates in a top-secret weapons experiment.

What makes him so dangerous is that his powers can risk obliterating the entire universe.

3. Saitama — 'One Punch Man'

Saitama is probably one of the strongest anime characters with the strongest power. 

As the name suggests, he can defeat any enemy with a single serious strike without even breaking a sweat.

And Saitama is different from most characters. While most characters start as novices, Saitama is already the strongest person around at the start of the anime.

2. Goku — 'Dragonball Super'

If someone was asked who the strongest anime character is, most would first wonder if the character could beat Goku.

The Super Saiyan was incredibly powerful by the time Dragon Ball Z ended, but his power reached new heights in Dragon Ball Super.

He now has access to the Power of the Gods.

1. Zen-oh — 'Dragonball Super'

While most fans would argue that Goku is the strongest among Dragon Ball characters, Zen-oh can control all of reality. 

As the god of the multiverse, he can create and destroy all of existence in a single instance. 

He doesn’t have any techniques or special moves, but with command over space and time, he is certainly one of the strongest anime characters. 

Other than these ten characters, Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer), Sataro Goju (Jujutsu Kaisen), Meruem (HunterXHunter), Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto), Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan), Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece), and Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) are also notably strong characters in the animeverse.