It has been over a decade since Steven Rinella married his wife, Catherine Parlette Finch, mononymously known as Katie. The pair has three children and an adorable family together. 

But before all the bliss came into their life, Rinella had tried not to fall in love with his future wife. He had tried his best to ignore his growing affection for her, but he failed miserably. 

Steven Rinella's Wife Is His Polar Opposite

As an outdoorsman, Rinella loved hanging out in the mountains of Alaska and chasing adventures from a young age. So when he became an adult, he had already figured what kind of woman he would marry. 

The MeatEater host imagined himself with a rugged outdoorswoman who would shear sheep and find joy in the skins he brought home. 

As a result, he dated girlfriends who loved adventures and tried persuading them to change their lifestyle for him. Obviously, it didn't work. 

After college, Rinella moved to Montana to study writing. Amid regular breakups and new relationships in the new place, he wrote a book about hunting and fishing.

Upon publishing it, he went to New York to celebrate the feat with his editor from Miramax Books.

The editor introduced Rinella to their new publicity director, no other than Katie. He admittedly couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Although he knew the first meeting had already brewed something romantic in his heart, he maintained a professional relationship with her for a year.

The 47-year-old eventually realized he was falling for Katie.

However, he also understood that she was the polar opposite of what he was looking for in his future wife. She was a city girl who relished a lavish life. 

The famed writer decided to date Katie to get rid of the feeling, to prove they weren't compatible. He mustered all his courage and asked her out. He suggested they should visit his cabin. 

To his surprise, Katie didn't feel the necessity of being swept by his world. Instead, she asked him to come to California, and Rinella agreed. 

At that time, the television personality realized he too had to compromise in a relationship.

But, admittedly, he was impressed by her unapologetic opinions and strength to live her life on her own terms. 

He knew he failed miserably in not falling in love with Katie when he moved in with her in New York after their second date. 

Then all the things he feared came to be in the perfect place. He started enjoying city life, and Katie heartily supported his adventures. 

Steve Rinella Married Katie in 2008

Rinella proposed to his partner with a diamond ring in March 2007, right after attending a birthday party. Upon her approval, they tied the knot on July 12, 2008. 

The wedding was held at a rented private house in Fennville, Michigan. After the ceremony, they headed to a remote island in Seychelles for their honeymoon. 

Throughout their marriage, the couple has welcomed three kids — two sons and a daughter — into their family.

And as evident in their Instagram account, the Rinella clan enjoys partaking in hunting and fishing.