Steven Rinella is the host of the popular non-fiction outdoors hunting Netflix series, MeatEater. A professional hunter and cook, Rinella has introduced millions of his viewers to the world of hunting and outdoor adventures through his shows and books.

An outdoorsman through and through, the American TV personality has a special relationship with his gear and rifle and has spoken multiple times on the importance of reliable gear and a trusty rifle.

Rinella Uses A California Custom Rifle

Rinella is one of the most influential and well-known hunters out there. He is very particular about his hunting rifle, which is not surprising given that his livelihood and show depend on his ability to drop games cleanly. 

The MeatEater host uses a California custom rifle and has credited the long-barrelled firearm for helping him become a better and more confident hunter, among other things. 

My CCR has made me a better hunter because I have utmost confidence in it. I know exactly what the rifle is going to do, how it’s going to shoot. And I know that it’s a better shooter than I am.

Rinella also explained that going custom helped him eliminate the uncertainty and other problems he had faced when using a factory rifle.

A Gear Enthusiast

Before becoming a face loved by millions of outdoor and hunting enthusiasts, Rinella started as a outdoor writer. And since those early days, he has always stressed the importance of good gear.

In fact, Rinella often writes about the challenges of various forms of hunting and the preferred gear during those times. 

As someone who spends a lot of time in the wilderness, he uses many types of gear on a daily basis. In an interview with Gear Patrol in 2011, the MeatEater host shared about some of the gears he used. He said that Leatherman Surge multi-tool was the piece of gear he used the most and always carried one with him.

Rinella has also written about various pieces of gear such as bootsbinocularsbackpacks, and muzzleloaders, among many others.

A Writer Of Multiple Cookbooks

Rinella has been hunting game and cooking them for his show for years now. From elk to bear, everything is included in the menu for the MeatEater host.

The TV personality is passionate about hunting and the outdoors. And his love for cooking does not fall short of his love for the hunt. His show MeatEater is about him going into various regions to bring game meat from field to table. 

Rinella lives by his hunter’s code: "If you kill it, eat it. If you eat it, cook it right."

To help other outdoor enthusiasts out there, he has written six books dealing with wildlife, hunting, fishing, and wild game cooking. His 2020 bookThe MeatEater Guide to Wilderness Skills and Survival, even became a New York Times bestseller.

The MeatEater Shop

Aside from books, Rinella also sells gear, merch, and spices through the MeatEater store.

There, one can find everything from hunting and fishing gear to accessories and kitchen tools. He has recently added a line of spices and seasonings, all of which is his effort to make his fans’ cooking experience a tasteful one.