Stone Cold Steve Austin needs no introduction. 

The wrestling legend has made countless headlines in all the years he'd been active—some for fame and acclamation, others for being the wrestling anti-hero. 

Even beyond the entertainment, Austin's personal life has been riddled with violence or at least allegations thereof. 

Steve Austin's Relationship History

Austin, who has gone by different names over the years, married his first wife on November 24, 1990.

His first spouse was his girlfriend from high school, Kathryn Burrhus. This relationship was short-lived.

Soon after his marriage, he was involved with the English wrestling manager, Jeanie Clarke. Austin and Clarke were working together at the time. 

On August 7, 1992, he annulled his marriage to his first spouse and later that same year began a conjugal life with the wrestling manager.

They were married until May 10, 1999. They had two children from their marriage, Stephanie and Cassidy.

On September 13, 2000, Austin tied the knot once again, this time with one Debra Marshall. He filed for divorce on July 22, 2002, and it went through on February 5, 2003.

He had a few relationships over the next few years, most notably with Tess Broussard. 

Then, finally, in late 2009, he married his fourth spouse Kristin Feres, the woman he is married to today. 

Steve Austin Assaulted His Spouse

Austin was alleged of domestic violence. The first reported case of violence was against his third spouse, Marshall.

On June 15, 2002, the wife called the police on Austin when he allegedly struck her head, back, and legs. However, by the time the authorities arrived, she had already left their residence. 

As per the reports from MTV News, the wife suffered a swollen cheek and eye, as well as bruises on her back and shoulder. When the responding officers arrived, Austin refused to accompany them to the station. 

Subsequently, on August 14, he was arrested and charged with domestic abuse. Under a no-contest plea, he was charged with a year of probation, a thousand dollar fine, and eighty hours of community service. 

Steve Austin's Ex-spouse Accused Him of Alcohol Abuse

In a 2007 interview with Fox News, Marshall spilled Austin had beaten her three times under the influence. Allegedly, WWE knew of the abuse but swept it under the rug for financial interests. 

Austin later expressed his remorse over the relationship failing and denied that the incident occurred under the influence.

He actively denied allegations, claiming that he had a drinking problem, and credited the claims as a misconception that had stemmed from his on-screen personal drinking beer so often. 

This was not an isolated incident, though.

Steve Austin Allegedly Assaulted an Ex-girlfriend

On March 26, 2004, Austin was at the center of yet another domestic violence accusation. Apparently, he'd grabbed his then-girlfriend Broussard and slammed her to the floor. 

When the police arrived, she detailed that she'd landed on her hands and knees. In the process, she'd injured her right hand. 

However, nothing came of the incident as no arrests were made and no charges were filed.