Everyone is striving for a healthy work-life balance. 

But, for some celebrity couples, the lines between their personal and professional lives are blurred because they work together. 

One such couple is Stephen Mangan and his wife Holy City actress Louise Delamere, who are building an empire together and raising their family. 

The powerful duo has been married since 2007 and currently resides in Primrose Hill with their three sons. 

It is unconfirmed how they met or how long they were together before tying the knot, but Mangan did open up about the details of his first date. 

Sharing to Evening Standard, he revealed that he took his wife for a musical program at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

“It’s always good to do something where you’re not just sitting across from one another if you don’t really know each other,” he added. 

Mangan is relatively private about his family life, but sometimes he does talk about it, primarily when it is related to his work. 

Stephen Mangan on Working with His Wife

One of the more popular collaborations between Mangan and his wife was in the ITV crime drama, Houdini & Doyle. 

He starred as Arthur Conan Doyle, which involved acting alongside Delamere, who plays his on-screen spouse in the project. 

In the drama, his spouse’s character is ill-fated from the beginning and soon dies.

But acting out the tragic part was an experience that he found “pretty upsetting.”

“Seeing her lying there was pretty upsetting,” he told Radio Times.

He also noted it was strange having to kiss and chat with his actual spouse in front of a camera crew.

Stephen Mangan and his wife posing for a picture

Stephen Mangan and his wife posing for a picture. (Source: UN NYE/Instagram)

The camera crew eventually asked him if his own son could play as his son, but he declined, saying it was “weird enough as it is.”

In 2018, the actor and his spouse worked on the Channel 4 sitcom Hang Ups inspired by Lisa Kudrow's 2009 comedy Web Therapy.  

Mangan co-wrote it and starred in it while Delamere served as the show’s producer.

The actor told Belfast Telegraph that working closely together as a team paid off.

It allowed them to dig deep and bring out the best versions of their talent. 

Stephen Mangan and Wife Raising a Family

And as co-workers living together, the actor and his partner cannot help but talk about work every opportunity they get. 

While they were working on Hang Ups, Mangan and Delamere had never-ending work conversations from when they woke up to when they went to bed. 

This frustrated their kids, who eventually banned the couple from discussing work at home.

But apart from all the fun banter at home, something serious plagues the father of three. 

His parents died of cancer before they got to meet their grandsons. 

His mother died of colon cancer six months after she was diagnosed, and 14 years later, his father was found to have a brain tumor. 

He, too, died six months after he was diagnosed. 

And as Mangan approaches the age where his mother passed away, he knows that there could be a possibility he could inherit the colon cancer. 

Therefore, he goes for checkups every two to three years.

“I find it hard to imagine having to talk my children through that or explain to them what is going on if I got ill or my wife got ill,” said the actor.