You wouldn't recognize Stephanie Sheh on the street, but you might over the phone. 

Sheh's face might not be recognizable, but if you're a fan of Naruto, one of the most popular Shonen anime series of all time, then you have heard her. She voiced the character of Hinata Hyuga in Naruto and Naruto: Shippūden.

The voice actor can also be heard in many video games like Bioshock 2, Aion, True Crime, Devil May Cry 4, and she was also the voice of Rebecca Chambers for the Resident Evil video game franchise. 


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Apart from using her voice, she is also an actress and has appeared several times on G4's Attack of the Show as mini Olivia Munn, and has shot an ABC pilot with Damon Wayans and Jane Lynch. 

Sheh has made a name for herself as a voice actor, but not much is not known about her personal life. She is, however, active on social media, especially on Twitter. Here is a breakdown of everything she's revealed about her life on Twitter.

Stephanie Sheh's Parents

Sheh was born and raised in North Carolina, but she is of Chinese descent. 

According to her tweet, she is half Tawainese (via Penghu, a tiny island off of Taiwan) and half Chinese (from Beijing). She speaks fluent Mandarin but broken Taiwanese because the grammar between the two is different and nothing like British and American English. 

She also tweeted about her family and revealed that her mother and brother were Capricorns while she and her father were Aries, resulting in lots of head butting. And because of all the head-butting with her mother, her friends misunderstood her relationship with her mother when she told them their stories. 

She explained that her friends would think her mother was harsh and abusive, but Sheh always felt her love and warmth. And as an adult, she was thankful for her mother for instilling discipline in her. Sheh added that her mother only wanted Sheh to realize her full potential.

It took becoming an adult to fully realize how much she sacrificed for me. Plus, I can now see how her relationship with her mom influenced the mom she ended up being.

But as a kid who was born in America, she did not always understand her mother and her ways. 

Stephanie Sheh's Relationship Status

As for Sheh's relationship status, it looks like she is not married. 

On March 14, 2019, she tweeted that during her trip to Taiwan, her Taiwanese relatives were asking her not to be picky about choosing a husband and asked her to get married. Although there isn't much information about her past relationships, it appears Sheh has pretended to be someone's girlfriend. 

In her tweet, she explained that a friend of hers had a stalker, and she pretended to be his girlfriend to throw the stalker off the scent. But when they were supposed to break up, her friend gave her a present and asked her out for real. 

Sheh, who felt she had been lied to, did not accept the proposal. 

Sheh appears to be single, but nothing's confirmed.