Stephanie Beatriz and Brad Hoss, her husband, have officially become first-time parents.

On August 22, 2021, the Argentine-American actress confirmed the birth of her baby daughter through Instagram while also revealing her baby's name as Rosaline.

Meanwhile, Hoss, an actor, also shared the same snap on his Instagram, expressing his happiness in welcoming the couple's first kid.

"My precious cargo," he captioned the post. "...We brought Rosaline (Roz-uh-line) home last week, and it’s been a wild & crazy & amazing adventure every step of the way."

Embracing Her Queerness

Speaking with People in June, while she was still pregnant, Beatriz explained that being married to her loving husband or having children would never make her "any less queer."

In fact, the 40-year-old, who came out as bi when she was in college, praised Hoss for being empathetic and open, which allowed her to be her fullest and most authentic self.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star also recalled how she had never seen herself as the type to settle down with a husband and child.

"I didn't think that a committed partnership was really for me," the actress addressed. "I couldn't really see kids. It wasn't that I was closed off to it. It was more that I couldn't quite see how a baby fit into the life that I was building."

Even a few months before her marriage in 2018, she contributed a piece for GQ, where she stated she was excited, nervous, terrified, and extremely happy about her marriage.

She added she chose to get married because Hoss brought out the best in her. Despite that, she claimed she was still part of the LGBTQ community.

Beatriz further shared that being bi was a continual series of coming-out moments, first to yourself and then to your sister and parents.

Then maybe you come out to your college friends, who will ask jokingly if you are gay or straight, this and every weekend...And then you’ll brace yourself and come out again and again and again to every person you’ll ever date.

She even questioned the readers: when do "coming-out moments" end? When do you get to stop telling people you're bi? And when do you start seeing yourself reflected positively in all of the media you consume?

The actress ended her note by saying she felt good to be out, even though it was still scary sometimes. But she said those moments of discomfort were worth it because living authentically gave her so much joy.

Beatriz and Hoss' Marriage

After publicly coming out as bi in June 2016, Beatriz announced her engagement to fellow actor Hoss in October 2017.

Exactly a year later, on October 6, the actress walked down the aisle to marry her partner in Los Angeles at L.A. River Studios.

On that special day, she wore a beautiful lace pattern gown with an elaborate matching veil and glittering diamond pieces.

On the other hand, Hoss rocked a plain white shirt with a grey suit and heeled white sneakers.