BTS's Jungkook found himself at the center of yet another controversy when he was accused of false advertising for his brother's clothing company. 

Now, someone has filed a report against him to the Fair Trade Commission, urging them to take action against the Korean heartthrob. Suffice to say, fans are not happy about it. 

Less than a day after the report was filed, fans on the Twitterverse began to line themselves up to defend their idol, and they have been asking HYBE Labels to protect him from the backlash. 

False Advertisement Accusations Against the BTS Heartthrob

Long story short, Jungkook's brother, Jeon Junghyun, started a clothing company called Six6uys earlier this year and appointed Jungkook as the internal director. Back in September, the company came out with a new clothing line called Graffiti On Mind. 

Following the release, the BTS sensation was seen donning his brother's line of apparel on various BTS-related activities on social media. Just to set the facts straight, he did not reveal that he was wearing clothes that came from his brother's company, nor did he urge anyone to go out and buy the clothes that he had on.

Now, the controversy started with netizens claiming that Jungkook intentionally hid the fact that he was directly affiliated with the company and advertised the articles of clothing under false pretenses. 

Not long after, the social media scrutiny passed a certain threshold, and Jungkook officially gave up his position on his brother's company.

Loyal fans of BTS, who go by the moniker ARMY, took to platforms like Twitter to revolt, which only seems to have escalated the situation.  

A Case Was Filed Against Jungkook

Although Jungkook had resigned as the internal director of Six6uys, which in itself was an act that the ARMY was upset about, one netizen took the whole fiasco to another level by getting the authorities involved. 

Apparently, they filed a report to the Fair Trade Commission against Jungkook. 

Less than 24 hours into the filing, #StandforJK has been trending on Twitter, as thousands of stand began voiced their disapproval of the case filed. What's more, fans sought help from HYBE Label to protect Jungkook from the backlash. 

Fans Protest For Jungkook: #StandforJK

"It took over a year and a half for JK to overcome the past scandals and for him to finally start doing solo lives again," one fan wrote, "@BIGHIT_MUSIC are you going to let antis create baseless defamatory scandals against him and rob him of his happiness? Please take action. #StandForJK"

Check out some of these tweets:

Another fan went on to suggest that anything and everything Jungkook wore or ate would get sold out without him actually going out of his way to promote it. Jungkook was simply a trendsetter.

They went on to beg netizens to simply let the megastar live his life in peace. 

Yet another spoke for millions of fans when they wrote that they loved Jungkook, and regardless of the hate or controversies surrounding him, they would continue to love him.