Not all breakups end up in public mudslinging or former lovers steering clear of each other forever. Instead, some stay close as friends. 

One such ex-couple is Geordie Shore stars Sophie Kasaei and her former boyfriend, Joel Corry.

The duo dated for six years between 2011 and 2017 and appeared in many early episodes of MTV’s scandalous show. 

Their romance came to an abrupt end in September 2017. 

Speaking to New! Magazine, Kasaei opened up about the breakup, saying that her former boyfriend ended things with her over the phone. 

He told her it wouldn’t work out between them, and she immediately thought there might be another girl. 

But the reality star turned musician swore there was no one else involved.

“He said there wasn’t but went, ‘I don’t think that we have a future because it’s just not what I want, and I know you do. You want to settle down, and it’s understandable, but it’s just not for me and it’s not what I want,’” she revealed.

Sophie Kasaei and Former Boyfriend Joel Corry on Good Terms

Kasaei had moved to Essex from Newcastle to be with Corry, and after the breakup, she returned for good. 

The Geordie Shore star shared that she didn’t have ill feelings towards her former boyfriend, despite being dumped over the phone.

As for what led to the breakup, the MTV star said that the public’s opinion might have negatively impacted their relationship and led to their separation.

She opined that the “whole nation hated” her romance with Corry, as he was criticized for being aloof with Kasaei. 

Whatever the reason for the breakup, Kasaei insisted that she and her former boyfriend were on good terms. 

After the breakup, her ex blocked her number, saying that he was not doing it out of hatred but to make things easier. 

He focused on his music career and released hit singles such as ‘Head & Heart’ and ‘Lonely and Bed.’

And when ‘Head & Heart’ topped the UK music charts, one of the first few people to congratulate him was Kasaei. 

“Woohooo yes Joel!!! We are all so proud of you! Hard work always pays off,” tweeted the reality star. 

Joel Corry Sends Love to Sophie Kasaei

After the success of ‘Head & Heart,’ the hitmaker opened up about his ex-lover and his relationship status. 

Sophie Kasaei's former boyfriend Joel Corry

Sophie Kasaei's former boyfriend, Joel Corry, at the BRIT Awards 2022. (Source: Joel Corry/Instagram)

Speaking to The Sun, Corry said that he was touched when Kasaei congratulated him on his music success.

“It was so nice when Sophie reached out, we’ve spoken a couple of times here and there. I think she’s doing really well. There is absolutely no bad blood between us at all,” he said.

He added he was thankful for Kasaei’s kind words, as she had always known what his dream was and when they were together. 

The musician shared that Kasaei was probably happy for her and sent his regards. 

As for whether he is dating or not, he confirmed he was “100 percent single” and completely focused on his music. 

He shared he had been getting DMs from the ladies, but that was not his priority.