Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has always spoken candidly about her weight loss journey. 

But she wasn’t always confident talking about it online. 

Holly Hagan’s Weight Loss Transformation

After losing 16 pounds in three months, the reality star shared before and after photos of her weight loss.

While she looked great, Hagan admitted she was skeptical about sharing her weight loss transformation on social media.

She said that she was anxious about uploading the photos because, to her, it was more than just looking thinner. 

Hagan clarified that she was not asking people to do what she did and was showing her followers what three months of dedication led to.

“12 weeks, 16lb down and I can honestly say that @real_life_health_and_fitness has changed my life. I still have a long way to go and so many more fitness goals to hit, but I feel confident that I’ll get there,” said Hagan.

Before Hagan began her fitness journey, she was not exercising and relying on takeaways. But thanks to her new lifestyle, Hagan felt in control of her life. 

Holly Hagan Regrets Cosmetic Surgery

Hagan has not only undergone a weight loss transformation, but she has also changed up her looks.

According to Mirror UK, she had gotten a double F breast implant, jaw fillers, nose fillers, Botox, and a bum lift. 

But instead of being happy with the results, Hagan regretted her decisions and realized she ‘spent so much money to look worse.’

In a candid chat with fans, the reality star shared that she had always been insecure about her looks. 

During her Geordie Shore days, she was always told she wasn’t a “worldie,” a very attractive woman. 

She shared that when boys described a worldie, they would always be the opposite of what she was.

Hagan ended up spending most of her teenage years winning the approval of others. 

“My reason.. everyone who called me fat might stop if I’m slim they’ll stop. it wasn’t until years later I realized it didn’t matter what weight I was. The trolls were going to find something to call me. My weight was never the issue, they were the issue,” said the reality star. 

Unfortunately, when she realized this, it was too late. Holly turned to surgery to feel better about herself, but it only did the opposite. 

Holly Hagan on Accepting Her Flaw

But that is all in the past for Hagan. 

Holly Hagan

Holly Hagan on her weight loss transformation and accepting her flaws. (Source: Holly Hagan/Instagram)

Last April, the social media influencer got candid about accepting her flaws and the decisions she made in naivety. 

She addressed one of her insecurities and how she dealt with it.

Hagan said she had always been ashamed of her cellulite and saggy bum and tried multiple ways to improve it.

She tried crash dieting and even had surgery, but it became worse. 

The Geordie Shore star acknowledged that she could not change her past and promised to start “focusing on making better decisions about her body.”

She revealed that she had taken up a personal training service concentrated on healthy nutrition and fitness.

“Exercising for fitness and mental health, and eating everything I want in moderation, has been so liberating,” explained the reality star. 

Hagan added that while she didn’t love her body just as yet, she would continue to try and accept it.