Modern Family famed star Sofía Vergara is one of the most recognized faces in the entertainment industry.

She first came into the spotlight after co-hosting two Spanish-language television shows in the late 1990s.

Today, she is best known for her portrayal of Gloria Delgado Pritchett in Modern Family and Daniella Riva in Hot Pursuit.

The Colombian-American actress has also been relishing her married life with her actor husband, Joe Manganiello, since November 21, 2015.

They had a Christmas engagement in 2014 after dating for six months, followed by their wedding the next year in Palm Beach, Florida.

In addition, Sofía is a mother to a son named Manolo Gonzalez Vergara. However, her current husband Manganiello, best known for playing werewolf Alcide Herviaux in the HBO series True Blood, is not Manolo’s biological father.

Sofía Gave Birth to Manolo with Joe Gonzales

The Golden Globe Awards nominated actress was only 19 years old when she gave birth to her only child Manolo in September 1991.

She and her high school sweetheart Joe Gonzales, whose full name is Jose Luis Gonzalez, welcomed their son after getting married a year ago.

She Raised Her Son as a Single Mothers

Despite getting married as a teenager and having a son with Joe, their relationship didn’t last long.

They divorced just two years after the birth of their son with a mutual agreement to co-parent Manolo.

“When José comes to the United States, he stays with me,” Sofía told Parade in July 2011, emphasizing her amicable relationship with her ex-husband.

That being said, it was Sofía who took care of Manolo and raised him as a single mother. By 1994, the mother-son duo lived in Miami, where the actress decided to really push forward in her career.

She reportedly denied any of her boyfriends, including mobster Chris Paciello, to live in her house while raising her son since she didn’t want to confuse her young son.

Manolo Has a Degree in Film Production

Manolo, who grew up watching her mother make a huge name in the film industry, followed her footsteps and chose to work in the same fraternity.

Doing that, he graduated from Boston's Emerson College with a degree in film production in 2015. A year later, he made his official modeling debut when he did a shoot with Paper magazine.

He soon appeared impactful on television, as he starred in Guilty Party, a 10-episode series about Emma; whose diaries are stolen by someone intending to reveal her secrets to all the kids in school.

In the series, Manolo played a ‘good guy’ character named Preston.

Following that, he acted in a short video Shannon K: Give Me Your Hand, and a couple of movies: Vandal and Destined to Ride.

Recently, he completed filming for a movie, The Big Feed, which is the unlikely tale of two Beverly Hills maids who try to survive a night in Dracula’s house.

Manolo’s works and popularity have also helped him amass close to 500 thousand followers on Instagram.