As one of Hollywood’s most prolific actresses, Sofia Vergara has been in the spotlight for decades.

Known for her unique accent and elegance, plenty of plastic surgery rumors surround her.

However, despite the rumors of her having gone under the knife, Vergara has denied all the plastic surgery rumors.

In 2018, when a person pointed out she looked different from how she used to, insinuating she did something to her face, Vergara clapped back, saying the change in her appearance was because of aging.

Sofia Vergara And Plastic Surgery

Though Vergara has said she had not had any plastic surgery yet, she previously revealed she wanted to get breast reduction surgery in the future.

During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, she talked about getting the surgery, eventually.

Yeah, eventually I’m going to have to have it. Something’s going to have to be done. It’s going to be really uncomfortable to walk with [them] hitting the knees!

It wasn’t the first time she had spoken about it, and she had shared about the difficulties her breasts had given her over the years.

“My whole life, buying a bra was a nightmare. What I used to do when I moved to LA, I found places like Frederick’s of Hollywood that makes bras for [strippers].”

In an interview with Health Magazine, Vergara shared she had been told by many people to get surgery, but she didn’t do it, partly because of her fear of her mother.

When she first broke out on American TV, her former publicist had suggested she get breast reduction surgery, but her mother was strictly against it.

My publicist told me, ‘I think you should just reduce your boobs because nobodys going to take you seriously here.’ My mother almost had a heart attack. She was like, ‘God is going to punish you! You can’t cut your boobs!’ I don’t regret not doing it, because now it’s a big part of Gloria.

This wasn’t the first time Vergara had been dissuaded from plastic surgery by her mother. When talking to Self, the actress shared she wanted to have her breast reduced when she was 13.

She wasn’t comfortable with her body and disliked how her breasts made it hard for her to dress. However, her mother told her she would think differently when she would get older, and she was right.

“I am grateful I have them, and honestly, they’ve helped me a lot in my career. And I’ve always felt sexy.”

Vergara also talked about her perspective on plastic surgery.

She said people needed to opt for plastic surgery only if they were trying to look beautiful and not young. Especially so because trying to look young through plastic surgery often leads to unwanted results.