Adam Dahlberg started his YouTube channel SkyDoesMinecraft back in 2011. Over the next decade, it grew into a massive channel, amassing over 11 million subscribers and four billion views in the next decade.

However, SkyDoesMinecraft’s viewership has been declining ever since Dahlberg rebranded the channel as Sky Does Everything back in 2018. 

Additionally, Dahlberg has also cut down on the frequency of his uploads. The last video uploaded on the channel was in June 2021, and it has seen no growth in the previous few months.

On May 15, 2022, SunnyV2 made a post to talk about Dahlberg trying to sell his SkyDoesMinecraft channel.

SkyDoesminecraft Dragged for Trying to Sell His Channel

Dahlberg has been trying to sell his YouTube channel on FAMESWAP for $900,000. He is pitching his channel for sale, saying it has made over $8 million.

“Start your brand off with a diamond play button,” he writes. “[the channel] will be ready for you to start your brand when purchased. It will be wiped and ready for new content, streaming is enabled as well as memberships, Start stronger than anyone with this channel.”

Aside from it being against YouTube’s terms of services to sell a monetized YouTube channel, several other creators have also found his actions questionable.

SkyDoesMinecraft is selling his account ofr $900,000 on FAMESWAP

SkyDoesMinecraft is selling his account ofr $900,000 on FAMESWAP. (Source: YouTube)

SunnyV2 addressed Dahlberg’s attempts to sell the channel, pointing out the channel was nowhere near the $900,000 price tag Dahlberg put on it.

“SkyDoesMinecraft is attempting to sell his main 11 million subscriber channel for a price of $900,00,” SunnyV2 wrote. 

“His viewership has been declining continually and sits at around 600,000 views per month equal to maybe $20k per year in ad revenue if you take into account the decline that will continue as time progresses.”

The YouTuber also added that the channel had one of the worst reputations on the platform. He then expressed his doubts over Dahlberg’s claims of making $8 million, given that Dahlberg had mentioned in January 2022 that he could not pay food bills, hospital bills, or anything like that. 

Abuse Allegations

Before Dahlberg put his channel up for sale, he was on the receiving end of a lot of negative attention for the abuse allegations his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth made against him.

She took to Twitter on January 23, 2022, and released a statement along with several documents as proof of his ill-treatment and abuse.

“Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka Skydoesminecraft… It’s time everyone knows the truth,” she wrote in the tweet. “I’m tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.”

In her over five-page long personal statement, Elizabeth talked about the constant trauma she endured throughout their relationship. 

She also added that he had forced her into various uncomfortable situations, including pressuring her to get pregnant and proposing to him against her wishes.

Aside from the abuse she suffered, Elizabeth also exposed Dahlberg for using his fame to manipulate the context and portray his ex-wife, Alesa, in a negative light.