Sister Wives is a long-running reality series on television channel TLC. The show debuted in 2010, and as of January 2022, episodes of season sixteen are being aired.

The TV show is about the Brown family, which consists of husband, Kody Brown, and his four wives, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Roby Brown.

Their combined eighteen children are also part of the series.

The program portrays the Brown family’s attempt to live a normal life when Plural marriages are considered illegal in the United States.

It also showcases their unusual family structure, living setups, and financial hardships.

Is Sister Wives Fake?

After its initial airing, the show caught up with fans and brought fame to the Brown family for a number of years.

However, on March 15, 2016, Radar Online published a report claiming the series to be fake.

The publication cited one of the Brown family's relatives claiming the family drama portrayed in the reality show was manufactured.

As per the big reveal, only Kody and his wife Meri were legally married, while the other three were Kody’s “spiritual wives.”

The series saw an influx in their rating after it was revealed that the state of Utah, where Sister Wives was initially based, was planning to take actions against the family for practicing polygamy.

Their ratings skyrocketed after it was announced that the family was moving to Las Vegas to avoid any punishment.

But according to Kristyn Decker, Christine’s aunt, the fiasco was fake and fabricated by the family to acquire high ratings.

A strongly-opinionated Decker shared that it “was their plan and they used the State coming after them for ratings.”

Decker, who once appeared on the series, was attacked by Christine in relation to her divorce.

In her words, the on-camera altercation was “very offensive.”

“I really regret being on the show. After I was devastated, I cried,” she told Radar.

Sister Wives Isn’t Fake, Claimed Daughter

After marital tensions between Kody and his first wife, Meri, was shown in one of the episodes, speculations of their split started making rounds on the internet.

However, a section of fans wondered whether the onscreen drama was real or fake.

Meri Brown of Sister Wives, a show speculated to be fake.

Kody Brown's first wife, Meri Brown, posing for a selfie. (Photo Source: Instagram)

While the news was hot on its heels, Christine’s daughter Mykelti and her husband, Tony, came forward to provide their insight into the matter.

Responding to a fan question on Twitch, Tony said the issues were “real,” but they had been “blown up” out of proportion.

While Mykelti replied saying, “A little bit of both, I would think.” In addition, Kody’s daughter confessed that she had no clear idea, as it was a personal affair between her father and stepmother.

She also said that neither the siblings nor their individual parents knew anything regarding what was going on between them.

Later, Meri took to her Instagram to post a cryptic message which read, “You’re a fighter. Look at everything you’ve overcome. Dont’ give up now,” amid the split speculations.

In 2014, The Sun, in their report claimed, Kody divorced Meri in 2014, paving the path for him to marry his fourth wife, Robyn.