Hollywood stars are often very private about their family matters, especially kids. And Simon Helberg falls on that list.

The Big Bang Theory star, 41, is a father of two kids, Adeline and Wilder Towne Helberg, whom he welcomed with his wife, Jocelyn Towne.

Helberg had his first child, daughter Adeline, on May 8, 2012, around five years after the couple’s wedding. Two years later, on April 23, they were blessed with their second child, Wilder.

But over the years, the actor and his wife have managed privacy around their family life, keeping the children away from the spotlight.

The couple also does not have Instagram handles.

Simon Helberg Secretly Welcomed One of His Kids

Helberg took the initiative to keep his kids away from the spotlight even before their birth.

He didn’t give out many details about his little one after his first child. And that continued so much that he never confirmed the baby’s arrival.

A fan shares Simon Helberg's pictures with one of his kids.

A fan shares Simon Helberg's pictures with one of his kids. (Photo: We Heart It)

In 2014, when the couple gave birth to their second kid, no one was informed. The news eventually broke out two months after the baby was born.

Helberg and Towne first confirmed the news via a rep to Us Weekly and subsequently revealed it during a Reddit Q&A on June 12.

The couple wrote that they “made 2 babies and 2 films in the last 2 years,” before readers congratulated them.

However, the public had known the couple was expecting their second baby when they stepped out with a noticeable baby bump at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in L.A. in January.

“Yes, my wife is [pregnant,] I can’t take all the credit,” the CBS star told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet.

Simon Helberg and Wife Stepped Out with Their First Baby

In one of the rarest instances, Helberg and his wife stepped out with their first baby in Los Angeles in June 2012, just a month after the little one’s birth.

At the time, a source close to the couple told Us Weekly that “the family is thrilled.”

“Simon is excited to be a father,” the source added. “He’s been doing his reading!”

Being a Father Has Helped Simon Helberg

In another interview with People, Helberg was asked if his experiences in fatherhood might help him play a good on-screen father in The Big Bang Theory.

He responded by stating that a lot was in the writer’s hands, but he was looking to put his input for his reel life.

“[Howard is] gonna need so much channeling,” Helberg said. “You bring everything you have in your arsenal to every character, so it’s helpful to have experience as a dad.”

He continued to explain, “I’m sure the writers are gonna make him a pretty clumsy, inept father, which...sometimes it starts that way, so that I can also relate to. There’s a nice learning curve, so hopefully he’ll grow up a bit.”

Helberg also took his time to thank women for carrying the baby inside them for months while saying the thought of growing a creature inside of him scared him.