For the long-lost time of distant 2004, something unpopular or uncool was termed “gay.” But it was undoubtedly cool when actor Shawn Pyfrom took the mantle of a gay character in Desperate Housewives. And, of course, forward-thinking.

The actor, too, thought so at the time and did not mind being unconventionally orientated for the small screen. Moreover, he had predicted that he would not be stereotyped for it. 

Did that prediction stay true?

Shawn Pyfrom On Being Gay On Screen

After being credited to many praiseworthy performances on many shows and lending his voice to a handful of animated episodic, Pyfrom landed himself the role of Andrew Van de Kamp in the Desperate Housewives.

As he describes his character, Kamp is a sociopath and a narcissist who is also gay. In an interview with Starpulse, Pyfrom talked about how gay characters in the past were flamboyant personalities.

As a result, they are often portrayed as being weak and are thus stereotyped for it. His character, however, is confident in himself and goes against the grain of every set norm of a gay archetype.

In doing so, his preferences are no more than a footnote that simply exists alongside him. Moreover, he also commented that such depictions could enable other gay individuals to be themselves and proud.

Away from the screen, Pyfrom is straight. But his orientation is never made to be a big deal. So, he pointed out why it should not be a big deal if anyone is gay. 


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Taking all this in, it is pretty evident that Pyfrom is a modernist with a morality quite ahead of what 2007 was. 

Shawn Pyfrom Is Straight

To those who still dared not to separate the actor from the role, it is worth clearing the air that Pyfrom is straight. From what is available to us, the actor’s known dating history involves two women.

It appears that from 2005 to 2007, Pyfrom was in a relationship with Elyanna Reyes. However, they broke up that year, and he later got together with Lauren Conrad

Not much is known about Reyes, and only a few pictures of her and Pyfrom together. Conrad, on the other hand, is a well-known fashion designer and beauty mogul.


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She is better known to be the central fixture in the reality show The Hill and its spin-off Laguna Beach. But, much like Pyfrom, she has also starred in other shows as well.

The pair were photographed getting cozy at the Coachella music festival. That being said, the couple only made it up to a year and went their separate ways. 

Currently, Pyfrom has not been reported to have been dating after her. So from there, it comes with little surprise that not much is known about his personal life. 

What is known is that he has been receiving roles that have not boxed him as a gay character. So that does say his prediction came to be true after all.