Shawn Ashmore and his twin brother Aaron Ashmore have a lot in common. Not just in real life, but also in their acting career.

One of Aaron’s most significant works was playing Jimmy Olsen in Smallville (2006-2011). Shawn was similarly considered for the same role in Superman Returns (2006).

The brothers also landed the role of identical twins in the 2004 movie My Brother’s Keeper

The two have since worked in dozens of productions and found success. 

Shawn Ashmore and His Identical Twin Aaron Ashmore

Shawn and Aaron were born to Rick Ashmore, a manufacturing engineer, and Linda, a homemaker, on October 7, 1979.

Shawn Ashmore with twin Aaron Ashmore and family

Shawn Ashmore with twin Aaron Ashmore and family (Source: Instagram)

They were raised in St. Albert, Alberta, and Brampton, Ontario. Growing up, the brothers were always together.

“We were, I think, normal high school kids. We liked to have fun, liked to party,” shared Aaron.

“But it was always, ‘Do your school work first,’ that sort of thing. We had all the same friends, we took all the same classes. We were always together.”

Shawn and his identical brother also started their professional acting career around the same time. 

Shawn’s first work was in Rin Rin Tin: K-9 Cop in 1990. The following year, both he and Aaron appeared in Married to It (1991).

Shawn Ashmore and His Brother Have a Matching Tattoo

The twin brothers have the letters “GMA” tattooed on their wrists. It stands for Good Man Ashmore, and the two got it because their grandfather had a similar tattoo.

Shawn has his tattooed on his right wrist while Aaron has it on his left.

Both Twins Have Started Their Own Family

The twin brothers have both gotten married and started their own families.

Shawn met his wife, Dana Renee Wasdin, on the set of Frozen, where she was an assistant director. They started dating shortly afterward and got engaged in October 2011.

“I just got down on my knee on the couch in our living room and just proposed,” he shared. “She was shocked, and she obviously said yes, and it was amazing.”

The couple tied the knot on July 27, 2012, in Los Angeles. Five years after their wedding, Shawn and Wasdin welcomed their only child together, son Oliver, in 2017.

Shawn Ashmore announcing the arrival of his son

Shawn Ashmore announcing the arrival of his son (Source: Instagram)

The actor announced the birth of his son with a picture of his newborn holding onto his index finger.

“Couldn’t be more in love with my new baby boy and my incredible wife,” he captioned the post, followed by a string of emojis to express his happiness.

As for Aaron, he has been married to Zoe Kate since June 20, 2014. However, not much is known about them as they have kept their relationship low-key.

Aaron and his wife share two children together. Their first daughter was born in 2016, and he broke the news by posting a picture of his wife and their newborn on his Twitter.

Their family of three grew larger in 2019 when Kate gave birth to another daughter.

Like the first time, Aaron shared the news via a tweet, where he wrote about how blessed he was to be a father once more.