Shar Jackson is currently a mother of her four children, two of which she shares with rapper Kevin Federline. 

Jackson and Federline remained together for around four years. They were engaged to each other and had become parents to the first of their children.

However, in 2004, Federline opted to date pop queen Britney Spears, ending his relationship with Jackson, who was pregnant with their second child.

The same year saw Federline marry Spears. The relationship ultimately ended in 2007 after their divorce.

However, Jackson and the rapper reunited during their appearance on Celebrity Fit Club, and her ex spotted a perfect opportunity to offer his apologies to Jackson.

"I know I've caused you a lot of pain and I've been really selfish," Federline spoke with humbleness.

Shar Jackson

Image: Shar Jackson/Instagram

He further stated he was so wrapped up in his relationship with Spears that he couldn't apologize to Jackson.

The actress's ex-partner did not hold himself back and asked for her forgiveness, saying, "I do want you to know that I am sorry."

Reportedly, Jackson accepted Federline's apology, and the former exes have remained in harmony.

Before dating Federline, Jackson was married to Corey Jackson between 1992 and 1995. 

She shares two of her other children, Cassie Jackson and Donovan Jackson, with Corey.

Shar Jackson on Co-parenting their Children

Around the time when Federline's divorce from the pop diva was hot on heels, Jackson offered her insight on his co-parenting skills during her conversation with People.

She called him "a trouper" and said Federline knows how experience is everything one learns from their respective lives.

Jackson claimed the rap artist to be a softie when it comes to their two children, daughter Kori and son Kaleb, who, at the time, were four and two, respectively.

 Per Jackson, her daughter Kori would "go crazy" upon hearing her dad's name. 

"That's the love of her life," she remarked of Kori's love for her dad Federline.

 Talking about Kori's special bonding with her father, Jackson claimed Federline was there for her "every minute" of her life until their separation.

Additionally, Jackson clarified that Federline was there for Kori and did everything possible while she was growing up.

She concluded her argument by stating whatever Federline did with his career and the rest was for his children.

"We always know the kids are first," claimed Jackson.

Cassie Jackson Felt Responsible for Her Mom's Split

In 2016, Jackson's daughter Cassie appeared in Lifetime's reality series, The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

During her sitting with the show's resident therapist, Cassie opened up about when her mother and step-father were separated.

Cassie held herself responsible for the split between Jackson and Federline as she talked about going through "a lot of stress and pressure."

"I felt I wasn't happy, and I wasn't helping everyone. I was causing all these problems," claimed Cassie, who was ten years when Federline left her mom for Spears.

However, that wasn't the only relationship issue Cassie would face in her life. In 2017, she was dragged into a family drama of her own.

Cassie was in a relationship with actor Chris Massey and shared a four-year-old daughter named Mariah.

Her boyfriend Massey filed a restraining order against Cassie's mother, who was accused of hurting her granddaughter while she was supposed to take care of her.

Jackson was accused of being responsible for her granddaughter's four-inch cut sustained in her forehead after Massey initially dropped his daughter at Jackson's for look after purpose.

Presently, the families are reported to be in harmony after putting aside their differences involving Jackson's granddaughter.