Seth MacFarlane's dad Ron MacFarlane is a talented folk singer and was quite popular back in his day. 

Ron was even asked to be on The Tonight Show back in the '70s when the show was being hosted by the legendary Johnny Carson. 

Well, he ended up being on The Tonight Show anyway, because when Seth was on the show back in 2015, he was one of the featured audience members. 

Ron MacFarlane Refused to be on 'The Tonight Show'

During an appearance on the modern-day version of The Tonight Show, the one starring Jimmy Fallon, Seth was asked if the story about his dad almost being on the show was true. Turns out, it was. 

Seth MacFarlane's dad Ron with his now-wife Xiao Xiang MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane's dad Ron with his now-wife Xiao Xiang MacFarlane (Source: Instagram)

Ironically, the dad was invited to be in that same studio where his son was giving an interview, but the man refused to be on the show for one good reason — he didn't want to sell out to the man!

Seth even called out to his dad, who was sitting in the audience, to confirm. And he did. 

Seth MacFarlane's Parents Had a Unique Way of Raising Kids

While on the subject, Jimmy poked the acclaimed actor about how his dad was as a parent, inconspicuously prompting Seth to bring up a memorable incident from his early days. 

Seth began narrating the time that his parents sat him down and told him, "It will be normal for you to want to try drugs... and all we ask is that you do it here in this house, with us present."

All the while, his father was signaling him to hush from his seat in the audience.

Seth didn't take the signal. He went on. 

Seth inferred that his parents were trying to remove the temptation from the idea of doing drugs. 

"It was something I was too dumb to take advantage of," he confessed. "They were basically offering to be mules!"

When he asked Ron if there were any drugs in the house when he was growing up, the musician didn't have an answer. So that's that! 

Regardless of the tactic, Seth claimed that the parenting style worked. 

Seth MacFarlane Got High with His Family

Well, at least it worked till much later in his life when he decided to give the pot a go. That was when he was 28. 

He even confessed that he once got high with his parents to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Seth and his sister were wondering if "in this modern era" they brought some marijuana into the house, would their parents smoke it?

Surprise! They would!

The whole family got stoned together. 

Seth even recalled his father telling him: "This is the first time that we've been high as father and son!"

Seth confirmed it was a very touching moment in their relationship. 

It is evident that the father and son have a very close-knit bond. 

Ron is 75 years of age as of this writing, but will soon turn 76 in March 2021.