Sebastián Yatra is a famous Latin pop star, singer, and songwriter. The Columbian artist’s songs such as ‘Robarte un Beso,' 'Traicionera,' 'Un Año,’ catapulted him to international fame. He usually makes headlines for cracking song charts.

But on August 8, the singer was in the spotlight for a different reason. According to images and videos recorded by casual onlookers, it appears the singer was arrested in Miami.

In the video, he was in handcuffs and put against a patrol car. 

In the background, the voice of a woman is heard shouting Yatra’s name. Meanwhile, police were asking people to cease recording and were also stopping them from approaching Yatra. 

The singer was in Miami after his tour of Spain to attend the Univision 2021 Youth Awards during the last week of July. 

No one seemed to know why he was arrested. Everyone started questioning the veracity of the images and videos. They also started suspecting it was a promotional strategy because the singer was never the kind to be branded as a criminal.

Yatra’s Arrest or Promotional Strategy

According to Infobae, a Latin American outlet, Yatra was in Miami to prepare for the launch of his new song. This led people to believe that the arrest was intentional and a commercial strategy to create a buzz around the artist. 

This was not the first time the singer took advantage of the controversy he was involved in. 

Infobae reported that the singer announced his phone number had been leaked, alongside a musical launch a few months ago. He used the surrounding buzz around his name to popularize his music on social media. 

If the arrest was real, this would be the first time Yatra had a run-in with the law. 

But on August 11, the singer put the rumors to rest during his interview with Good Morning America, uploaded on the outlet’s Instagram page. The pop star promoted his new song, ‘Delincuente,’ which translates to delinquent in the video. 

He explained that he was detained and got out of jail to be there for the interview for his fans but revealed nothing about the reason for his arrest. 

This neither confirmed nor denied if the arrest was indeed staged. 

On ‘Pareja del Ano’s’ Success

In the same interview, Yatra also talked about the success of his single ‘Pareja del Ano’ featuring Myke Towers. Billboard reported that the track earned Yatra his ninth No. 1 on Latin Airplay and Towers his sixth. 

The song has been on Spotify’s Top 50 for over 3 months, No. 1 on Latin radio, and debuted as YouTube’s No. 1 worldwide trending video.

The singer noted the song was one of his favorites and he connected to it while he was recording.

In a separate interview, the artist explained that song was a “happy medium between classical music, reggaeton, urban and pop."

 He revealed that the moment he heard the violins for the track, he started improvising the melodies and had a verse and chorus ready in no time. Now the artist cannot wait for fans to hear ‘Delincuente.’