Pretty Little Liars star Sean Faris recently celebrated seven years of togetherness with his wife, Cherie Jimenez.

As one would expect, the beautiful couple put up a commemorative post on Instagram to celebrate this milestone. The wife shared a love-stricken post on November 11, 2021.

Sean Faris & Wife: 7 Years of Togetherness

The post featured a selfie of the husband-wife duo sharing a kiss in what appeared to be a dimly lit room. The ambiance was filled with a hue of blue while a warm light shot straight at their faces in perfect focus. 

It would appear that Faris was too engrossed in his wife's company even to notice that his arms almost blocked the lens. Evidently, the wife was just as lost as he was. 

The second snap in the post must have been taken not long after the first one. While the two had broken off their kiss, their love for one another was just as radiant. 

They were still facing one another, eyes closed, simply relishing in the presence of one another.

Sean Faris & Wife Celebrate Marriage Anniversary Over a Picnic in Paris

The couple celebrated their seventh anniversary almost two months after they celebrated their fourth marriage anniversary. Faris took to Instagram to give fans a peek into how they celebrated their fourth year as man and wife. 

On October 31, 2021, Faris shared a couple of snaps of his wife. Jimenez was dressed in an off-white shortdress as she sat cross-legged. Apparently, the couple celebrated their anniversary with a picnic out in Paris. 


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The wife raised her cup, possibly to her husband, who was behind the camera. The second snap featured in the post had pretty much the exact details, just that instead of the slight smile adorning her face, it was a pout.

Not Your Typical Wedding

After about four years of dating, Faris and his wife exchanged vows at Burning Man – the Black Rock Desert's annual art and music celebration.

The groom later announced via an Instagram post that framed the newly-wed couple just as they took their vows. 

The couple also didn't go with the traditional wedding attire for their special day. The groom donned a pair of patterned shorts and complimented it by throwing a fur stole over his shoulders. A chunky gold necklace and cuff as accessories completed his wedding look.

As for the bride, she chose to go with white lace lingerie and a sheer white robe, topped off with a metal headpiece.

Sean Faris' Marriage Has Not Been All Rainbows & Sunshine

In the years they have spent together, the couple seems to have nurtured one another and helped each other grow.

On October 1, 2021, Faris put up a candid post where he admitted that his relationship with his wife hadn't always been smooth sailing.


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He believed that happy couples weren't just the ones posting endearing posts, but also those who supported one another through trauma, opened up for uncomfortable conversations, and, not to forget, those who have cried to save their relationship. 

In the caption, he thanked his wife for doing all of that and more and shared that he was grateful to have someone like her to walk back home to.