Every day, directors and producers in Hollywood are looking at how they can improve the quality of their work. From enhancing visual effects and CGI to the filming location, they try to set a higher standard.  

When it comes to production, filming location is one of the essential aspects. And to do so, the production teams are constantly moving around the world to find the perfect set. 

Nowadays, most of the production is moving to Scotland. As a result, Scotland has had a massive production boom since many high-budget blockbuster films and TV shows have chosen the country as their filming location. 

Reasons behind Scotland's Production Boom

Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom that covers the northern third of Great Britain. It is a beautiful country surrounded by water on the three sides. 

Scotland is a haven for film productions with beaches, vast pasture lands, and famous city areas. Besides that, the humble and talented people are cherry on top of a filmmaker's needs and wants. 

There are many reasons for Scotland's production boom. However, according to Rosie Ellison of Film Edinburgh, locations, crew, studios, and money are the top four reasons. 

The country is blessed with cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Highlands, which provide various locations for shooting. Similarly, these cities are also are hosts for vast studio space. 

Scotland also has many talented production houses and talented crew members. In the last decades, a lot of production houses have been launched there. 

Scotland has a massive benefit in everything related to finance. Production studios and crew are comparatively cheaper, and there is a tax relief from the UK as well. 

Similarly, the country has a local talent production fund and a production growth fund that helps them finance their film sector. But, surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled Scotland's production boom. 

Isabel Davis, the executive director of Screen Scotland, said that production teams worldwide came over to the country amidst lockdown, fueling the production surge.

Movies and Series Filmed in Scotland

In the past decade, many movies and TV series have been filmed in the country. In addition, Hollywood has embraced international productions in Scotland, and it has increased exponentially in the last few years.

During their masterclass at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Neil Gaiman and Douglas Mackinnon, the showrunner and director of Amazon's Good Omens series, lauded the expanding Scottish production sector.

Mackinnon commented one doesn't have to go to London to make "one of the biggest TV series in the world." The first season of Good Omens was shot in South Africa and England, but Amazon revealed that Season 2 would be set in Scotland.

This is not the only Amazon-produced project to shift to Scotland. Anansi Boys is also moving to Scotland soon.

In addition, there are many speculations that The Lord of the Rings might be headed to Scotland after leaving its New Zealand production location.

One of the most notable movies that was filmed in Scotland is Avengers: Infinity War. A couple of scenes were shot within seven weeks in Edinburgh by Marvel production with the help of Screen Scotland and Film Edinburgh.

Similarly, some scenes of The Winter Soldier were also filmed in Culross, Fife, while Avengers: Endgame was filmed in Scottish Borders. 

Other projects filmed in Scotland are Outlaw KingOutlanderTell It To The BeesFast & Furious 9, and Screw, among others.