Manifest, a mystery drama that began airing in 2018, was canceled on NBC after 3 seasons because of low viewership. The show's creators tried to find a new home for it on Netflix but were unsuccessful after the streaming giant decided not to order a fourth season.

However, fans of Manifest continued putting in an effort to bring the show back to life. After months of running the #SaveManifest campaign, their efforts seem to be close to bearing fruit as Warner Bros TV has been reported to be negotiating with Netflix regarding season 4.


Manifest premiered on September 24, 2018, on NBC. In October of the same year, the network ordered more episodes for the first season and renewed it for a second season, which aired in 2020.

The series soon had a very dedicated fanbase who were disappointed when they learned that the third season, which aired in 2021, could be the last season to come out.

After NBC canceled Manifest, the show's viewers took it upon themselves to help the series find a new home. The show got canceled because of low views, so fans started streaming Manifest for hours every day.

Usually, no one's on the device watching the show, but the episodes are streamed constantly because of the replay function. Because of this, Manifest was pushed to the top spot on Netflix’s top 10 chart.

In fact, the series has been topping Netflix’s viewership chart since June. And though the numbers are inflated because of dedicated fans streaming Manifest indefinitely, the #1 spot has helped introduce the show to millions of other people.

According to Deadline, WBTV has started negotiations with the cast and has been making “if come” offers to writers. So far, no further news on the result of negotiations between WBTV and Netflix has come out.

Jeff Rake, the show's creator, envisioned Manifest as a six-season series, and if the show does not get picked back up, fans will never get to see the latter half of the story.

Plot and Cast

Manifest centers on the mystery surrounding the passengers and crew of a Montego Air Flight 828, who, after experiencing turbulence on their flight, find themselves in a world where five years have passed since they first took off.

As they try to reinstate themselves into society, they realize how much everything has changed and where they stand in their lives.

Manifest stars Mellisa Roxburgh (Supernatural), Josh Dallas (Once Upon a Time), Athena Karkanis (Saw IV and Saw VI), J.R. Ramirez (Jessica Jones), Luna Blaise (Fresh Off the Boat), Jack Messina (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Matt Long (Private Practice), and Holly Taylor (The Americans).