Justin Harris, popularly known as Saucy Santana, is a makeup artist turned rapper. Over the years, he has released hit singles such as 'Walk Em Like A Dog,' 'Material Girl,' 'Walk,' and 'Here We Go.'

He has also appeared as a recurring guest on the reality television franchise Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

In addition to his music and television appearances, Santana has made the rounds for his sexuality and relationships.

Saucy Santana on Being Bisexual and Dating Women

The rapper recently trended on Twitter after various clips of his debatable remarks during a conversation with Mona Love on the Don't Call Me White Girl podcast came out in public.

"Santana was out here f—king b—es WOWWW," a user on the platform wrote after listening to the podcast.

Referring to Santana and Love, another added, "I love this interview. Y'all are good together."

"I wish Saucy Santana sooooo much success. He really made a name for himself! Like we KNOW him bc of the City Girls but that's not his main identity. Love that!" internet star Myleeza Mingo also tweeted regarding the viral podcast.

In case you are wondering what Santana talked about in the podcast, he opened up about the response from his family when he confronted his sexuality. 

He also talked about his ideal girlfriend and journey as a singer in a heterosexual-dominated industry.

Talking about his sexuality, he shared he came out as gay when he was 17 years old and going to high school.

He revealed he came out as bisexual after realizing he was not enjoying his relationships with his girlfriends.

Saucy Santana talked about his sexuality on the 'Don't Call Me White Girl' podcast.

Santana talked about his sexuality on the 'Don't Call Me White Girl' podcast. (Photo: Twitter)

As per his accounts, Santana had beautiful girlfriends in the past but could not have satisfactory intimate moments with them.

Hence, he eventually came out of the closet as bisexual; and now, he dates both men and women.

"imagine being that one girl saucy santana f—ed before he went gay," someone wrote on Twitter.

Not only that, Santana said he cared for those women whom he dated and shared children with. He, thus, still sends money to those ladies so that they can raise the kids well.

Saucy Santana Is Proud to Be a 'Gay Rapper'

Back in January 2022, he spoke with Notion Online, and on that occasion, he was asked what he hoped his presence "as a gender nonconforming queer man" in the music scene meant.

Responding to that, he said, "My scene in music means everything to me. I've gone through my whole life being myself, and I've kindly been accepted by so many different people and it hasn't been different in the rap industry."

"I know it's going to be hard and this is something that's new for some people, but I've been like this my entire life," he added.

Santana isn't bothered about being put into a box as a gay rapper, too, as he claims he has embraced it.

Speaking with Office Magazine, he said that it was initially annoying when people categorized him — but now, with time, he is proud of who he is and treats things with pride.

He admittedly loves it more when people who do not fall under the LGBTQ+ community enjoy his music.