Sarah Millican married her husband Gary Delaney in December 2013. With both Millican and Delaney being comedians, their choice for the wedding song was very unconventional.

The pair walked out of the ceremony to the tune of Paul McCartney’s ‘We All Stand Together.’ 

Speaking about their wedding song, Millican shared they decided on it because of her husband.

“When I married my husband Gary, we were planning our wedding and thinking what we could pick that everyone could sing,” she said. “He started playing this, so I started to laugh and he said ‘listen to the lyrics’ and I started to cry.”

Millican further added that everyone present for their wedding sang ‘We All Stand Together’, including all the noises.

Sarah Millican and Husband

Millican married Delaney in 2013, but they have been together for far longer. The pair first met in 2006 at her second ever gig.

The two lived apart from each other for the first seven years of dating. She had later announced in early 2013 that she and Delaney had bought a house near Manchester.

Sarah Millican and her husband on 'The Wall'

Sarah Millican and her husband on 'The Wall' (Source: Instagram)

When they finally got married, Millican took to Twitter to announce the news. “Thrilled to announce that @garydelaney and I got married last weekend. We are loved up and beaming. X”

Delaney replied to the tweet, saying, “It’s true. We did.”

Sarah Millican Does Not Want Children

Though Millican and Delaney have been married for almost a decade, the pair do not have any children together.

She has also shared that she has no plans of having children, as she did not feel “remotely maternal.” Millican opened up about the topic further when appearing on The Graham Norton Show.

“I don’t like kids and I think it all stems from when I was eight years old and was given a baby doll,” she said. “She was a giant and I remember having an inkling then what childbirth was and realizing that I didn’t want something that size coming out of me.”

Failed First Marriage Led to Comedy

Before getting together with Delaney, Millican was married to Andrew Millican. The two married in 1997 but split in 2004 after he unexpectedly left her.

It was her divorce that spurred her into comedy. She joined a workshop for aspiring poets before eventually making her way onto the comedy circuits.

Millican told The Sun in 2012 that she got into comedy because of Andrew leaving her. “Can you imagine if he hadn’t left me? I’d still be in the job I hated, watching telly in a damp flat. I had to go really low to come back up.”

Since then, not only has comedy helped her find success, it has also led her to love.

Millican says she can make her marriage with husband Delaney work because both of them are funny.

Speaking about her thoughts on secrets to a happy marriage, the comedian said that you need to be with someone you find funny and who finds you funny.

She added it was easier to get through tough parts of relationships and life if you could laugh through it.