Sarah Jeffery has amassed a huge fan following because of her work in series such as Shades of Blue (2016-2018) and Charmed (2018-2022).

On Instagram alone, the actress has over 1.8 million followers. There, she shares much of her life with her fans.

Over the years, Jeffery has shared about both her professional and personal life through her Instagram posts.

Sarah Jeffery & Former Boyfriend

Jeffery was previously in a relationship with Nick Hargrove. The Charmed co-stars sparked dating rumors in early 2019 after fans of the show noticed the two posting a lot about each other.

However, for almost an entire year, it wasn’t confirmed if they were dating or just close friends.

During that time, both Hargrove and Jeffery posted multiple pictures of themselves, which further fueled the rumors.

In October 2019, Hargrove uploaded a picture of himself and Jeffery. He had his arms around her shoulder, and she could be seen leaning toward him for a kiss with her eyes closed.

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Hargrove seemingly confirmed their relationship when he posted several pictures of himself and Jeffery.

“The wine tastes better when I’m drinkin it with you,” he captioned the post, followed by a wine glass and relieved face emoji.

Jeffery also confirmed Hargrove was her boyfriend in an Instagram Stories. Replying to a question that read, “You and nick are boyfriends?” She drew a mustache on herself and wrote “Yes.”

Nick Hargrove Was a Supportive Boyfriend

While Hargrove and Jeffery didn’t post much about each other, the few posts they made confirmed their close relationship.

Aside from uploading cozy pictures of each other, the couple also showed their support for their partner.

In July 2020, Hargrove praised Jeffery’s singing skills and urged his followers to give her new song a listen.

Sarah Jeffery with Nick Hargrove

Sarah Jeffery with former boyfriend Nick Hargrove (Source: Instagram)

“She’s as good at singing as she is at napping,” he wrote. “Which means she’s an expert. Go listen to her new song on Spotify.”

They Were in a Long Distance Relationship

Though Hargrove and Jeffery frequently posted about each other, they kept their relationship relatively low-key.

Jeffery shared that she and her boyfriend had been in a long-distance relationship multiple times.

When asked how she balanced everything she did with a healthy and happy relationship, she answered, saying FaceTime was wonderful. The actress further noted that it was easy to put work into the relationship if the partner was worth it.

In September 2020, she gave further insight into her long-distance relationship when she wished Hargrove a happy birthday.

Sarah Jeffery with ex boyfriend Nick Hargrove

Sarah Jeffery with former boyfriend Nick Hargrove (Source: Instagram)

“Happy birthday Nikki. Thank you for being you,” she wrote. “I will celebrate you and your sweet self as best I can from another country. See you later for our zoom date.”

Unfortunately, Jeffery and Hargrove broke up around late 2020. She broke the news in an Instagram Stories, where she thanked everyone for making her year special.

It’s not known why Jeffery and Hargrove decided to go their separate ways.

Does Sarah Jeffery Have a Baby?

In late 2020, Jeffery posted a picture of a baby nestled against her chest. In the captions, she wished the child a happy birthday.

Sarah Jeffery with her nephew

Sarah Jeffery with her nephew (Source: Instagram)

“Happiest of birthdays sweet Will, I love you so much,” she wrote. “Best smile ever.”

The post confused many people, and several of her fans started wondering if the baby was hers and Hargrove’s. 

It was later revealed that Will was Jeffery’s nephew. Just a few days prior, she had also wished her other nephew, Carter, a happy 4th birthday.