Sarah Bolger's dating life has always been full of speculations.

She has been linked with a couple of men in the entertainment industry. As a result, many have been labeled as her boyfriend, whereas some speculations were mere rumors.

In 2009 after Bolger had just turned 18, she confessed she did not want to talk about her partner and dating life. She told the, she was not comfortable with such conversations.

But regardless of her comfort, Bolger's personal life has always made headlines to such an extent that she was rumored to be pregnant with the child of her former partner, Freddie Highmore.

Sarah Bolger's Former Boyfriend Freddie Highmore

Bolger dated actor Highmore for almost two years between 2006 and 2008. Highmore reportedly became her boyfriend when the two worked on The Spiderwick Chronicles.

The sparks flew between the duo while filming the movie, and they allegedly started seeing each other after filming it. But unfortunately, their relationship was taken out of proportion by their fans and followers.

Many speculated that Bolger was pregnant with her boyfriend, and the rumors spread like wildfire. The actress denied them in an interview with

She revealed she had a boyfriend in the interview but did not name who it was. A picture of them kissing also went viral on Highmore's fan page Freddie Highmore Club.

Sarah Bolger was rumored to be pregnant while dating her former partner, Freddie Highmore

Sarah Bolger was rumored to be pregnant while dating her former partner, Freddie Highmore. (Source: Instagram)

Many fans commented on the photo and had mixed feelings about it. Some were happy for the couple, whereas many complained about their relationship.

Bolger and Highmore parted ways in 2008, claiming that they were "too young" to pursue their relationship at the time. Highmore moved on and is currently a married man.

However, he has not revealed the identity of his wife. Bolger, on the other hand, reportedly dated Julian Morris.

Sarah Bolger's Dating History with Julian Morris

Bolger's most recent known romantic engagement was with Morris, with whom she was reportedly dating since 2012. They most likely met when they joined the cast of ABC's Once Upon a Time

Bolger portrayed Princess Aurora, whereas Morris played the role of Prince Phillip. The pair played a couple in the show, and in an unusual twist, the two's on-screen romantic attachment spilled over into the real world.

Soon, it was reported that the pair were dating, and Morris was Bolger's boyfriend. After that, however, the couple kept their relationship under wraps and rarely displayed their love life publicly.

Unfortunately, it seems like the duo parted ways. There is no confirmation from them whether or not they are in a relationship.

In recent years, the two have been notably missing from each other's social media accounts, raising questions about whether they are still together.

It seems like Bolger is single at the moment and does not have a partner. Her social media does not indicate that she is in a relationship, and she has not opened up about her love life in interviews.

But on the other hand, she may not want to bring her partner into the limelight and is excellent at keeping her romances private and out of the public spotlight.