Actor Sara Ramirez identifies themselves as non-binary.

The Mexican-American actress is popularly known for their portrayal of Dr. Callie Torres in the long-running medical drama series Grey's Anatomy.

In the show, Ramirez's character Torres is an LGBTQ character.

Earlier in 2021, Out Magazine named them the "beacon of hope and representation" for the queer community.

Sara Ramirez's Children With Former Husband

Ramirez has been single after their split from their long-time husband and businessman Ryan DeBolt.

The former couple got married to each other on July 04, 2012, during a ceremony at a beachside venue in New York.

They got engaged to their long-time boyfriend in June 2011.

However, due to differences in their married life, Ramirez separated from their ex-husband on July 06, 2021.

The news of their separation was made official after they took to their Instagram and wrote a lengthy post.

Their writing in the opening sentences made it clear that the former couple was no longer in each other's company.

"Ryan and I are no longer together," wrote Ramirez.

They also stressed how they "remain loving and supportive" of each other as they choose to forge their "new individual paths."

Ramirez also thanked their fans for "holding space" around their choices and for respecting the privacy of their family. 

In the same post, the actor invited her followers and well-wishers to "focus your energies and attention" on learning about the queer community.

They also urged people to donate to the organizations working in favor of LGBTQ community members and migrants.

On the other hand, the former couple doesn't share any children together.

However, once there were strong rumors of them being pregnant after their character, Torres, was depicted pregnant in Grey's Anatomy.

Those claims were later limited to being speculations as both Ramirez and their ex-husband DeBolt denied the news of pregnancy.

Inside Her Personal Life, Family, and Parents

The actor is currently an active member of the LGBTQ community. 

They came out as bisexual in 2016, while they were still married to DeBolt. 

Ramirez made the news public during their speech in the True Colors Fund's 40 to None Summit in the said year.

As per reports, Ramirez's former husband was very supportive of their identity and eventual coming out.

Talking to People in 2018, the actor told how coming out has given them "a sense of relief."

However, they noted the concerns they had before coming out.

Ramirez said they were afraid to reveal their sexual orientation as the actor was concerned that it would negatively affect their career.

In 2020, Ramirez eventually came out as non-binary. They took to their official Instagram account and announced their sexual orientation.

Talking about their family, Ramirez was born in the Mexican state of Sinaloa to their parents Alberto Ramirez and mother, Luisa Vargas.

They are their parents' only child and therefore have no siblings. 

Their father is a known Mexican oceanographer and a professor, while their mother is an entertainer and educator with Irish-American and Mexican roots.

Ramirez's parents split when Ramirez was eight years old. Ramirez later moved to San Diego to live with their mother.