Sam Page met his wife, Cassidy Boesch, when the actor least expected it. 

In an August 2017 interview with CosmopolitanThe Bold Type actor opened up about his meet-cute with his wife.

He told the outlet that he met his wife right after making a solemn promise to his friends that he would remain single that entire summer. 

However, two weeks later, he met Boesch and knew he had to come clean.

He went up to his friends and told them outright that he had fallen in love.  

“I went to my friends and said, ‘Hey, guys. So, I meant that promise when I made it, but I’m out,’” he shared. 

For Page and Boesch, it was love at first sight. 


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They first met at a cocktail party, which they initially planned to skip. 

At the event, the two locked eyes and were immediately attracted to each other.

They hit it off, ended up talking all night, and eventually started dating. 

The actor revealed that before meeting Boesch, he was cynical about marriages. But upon meeting her, he knew things would change. 

Sam Page and His Wife Married

And it definitely changed. Page and Boesch tied the knot. 

The couple was dating for almost three years by the time they got married in November 2014.

The celebrations were held at a villa outside Santa Barbara, California, surrounded by family and friends. 

Sam Page's wife and children

Sam Page's wife and children (Source: Sam Page/Instagram)

A source shared to E! News that “it was truly a fairy-tale weekend.” 

The Mad Men star posted numerous shots from the intimate ceremony on his former Instagram page, including one of him and his groomsmen. 

Among Page’s groomsmen was Mean Girls star and former Dancing With the Stars contestant, Jonathan Bennett.

Page also posted a gorgeous wedding picture of him and his bride sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. 

In the aforementioned interview, the actor was asked if he had intentionally married someone outside the industry. 

The actor, whose wife is a preschool teacher, explained that he excluded no one when it came to finding love and acknowledged that everyone would be “unique in their own field.”

Sam Page and His Children

Since getting married, Page and his partner have achieved many milestones, including becoming parents. 


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The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Logan, in September 2016. 

They announced the birth on Instagram with a photo featuring baby Logan leaning against the couple’s golden retriever. 

"These two are going to learn a lot from each other. Welcome to the world, my son Logan," Page wrote in the caption. 

Two years later, in August 2018, the couple shared on Instagram that they had become parents for the second time, but this time to twin girls. 

Boesch had shared a photo of her and her husband kissing their newborn babies.

“Our girls are here! We love you Annabelle and Evie,” Boesch wrote in the caption. 

The Page family had grown, and they needed more space.

As a result, they moved out of Brentwood and into a coastal farmhouse in Pacific Palisades in 2020, as reported by Architectural Digest

Page shared that since they had three children, they spent most of their time in their playrooms.