The untimely death of Sad Frosty has saddened his fans and the entire hip-hop fraternity.

On Sunday, January 16, 2022, his close friends confirmed the news of his death through an official Instagram post. As per the post, the Houston native died on Friday, January 14.

That said, his cause of death is not revealed yet, with his family members and friends staying tight-lipped regarding the topic.


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Because of that, fans and industry people have now started discussing Frosty's cause of death while also expressing their sadness over losing him. 

Discussions over Sad Frosty's Cause of Death

The Instagram post — through which it was confirmed that Frosty was dead — has been filled with comments from his followers and several well-known social media influencers and artists.

"I love you man…you really helped a lot of people more than you know," social media personality ImDontai penned. Fellow rapper Yung Gravy dubbed him a legend and wrote, "RIP."

Musical artist TyTheGuy similarly gave a tribute, writing, "I love you and miss you brother I'm not a bit bit GOING HARD FOR U THE REST OF MY LIFE."

"Rip bro [red heart emoji] smh," famed hip-hop star DJ Scheme commented. He also took to Instagram story to hint at the real cause of Frosty's death.

DJ Scheme hints at Sad Frosty's cause of death.

DJ Scheme hints at Sad Frosty's cause of death. (Photo: Instagram)

In his story, he implied that he was frustrated with losing more people from the industry "to drugs."

Like him, a few other people on the internet have also been claiming that the rapper lost his life due to a drug overdose.

For instance, @domislivenews shared the news of Frosty's death on Instagram, and in the comment section, one user asked, "What happened????"

Answering the question, another user said, "overdose."

Someone then asked, "source?" to which someone responded with "on @djscheme he said something about drugs."

Even though the discussion about the drug OD being the possible cause of death is swirling around the internet, no official statement confirming the case has surfaced.

Sad Frosty Was Hospitalized in 2021

A day before his demise, Frosty had posted a video on TikTok, sharing a clip from his song 'ADHD Freestyle.' 

While doing so, a fan asked him why his new song 'Sandbox' was delayed. He responded by revealing he was in the hospital in 2021.

"im getting better now," he replied, assuring he would drop the song on February 4, 2022.


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His comment proved he was struggling due to his health reasons for the last few months — and it could be the very reason for his death, too.

But again, the real reason could be something else, too!

Fans Loved Sad Frosty for His Songs

Frosty enjoyed a decent fan base who loved him for his music.

And even though he was less active on social media, like Instagram, he regularly posted videos on YouTube to entertain his fans.

Some of his popular songs include 'Crib with a lake,' 'New Kicks,' and 'Ice Cream.' His last release on YouTube was a track titled 'dopamine freestyle' premiered on July 21, 2021.