Sabrina Burkholder recently made headlines for welcoming her new baby daughter with longtime boyfriend, Jethro Nolt. Fans may know of Burkholder as the woman formerly from Breaking Amish and now from TLC's Return to Amish.

As the reality star makes a living sharing the ins and outs of her life, she has lived an eventful life that has left fans in awe and tears. Suffice to say, this 35-year-old's life has seldom been void of drama and struggles. 

Of course, there are moments like these that give her a much-needed break and a reason to be grateful, but this moment has come after she spent a hiatus that lasted three years. 

Sabrina Burkholder's Battle against Addiction

The last time the reality star was in the public eye was when she suffered a near-fatal heroin overdose in 2018. Back then, she had detailed the incident in a Facebook post. Apparently, after staying clean for an entire year, she relapsed a few days before her 32nd birthday. 

I remember feeling very weird and that was my last [conscious] thought. Half an hour later I woke up surrounded by paramedics. … I was suddenly hit with memories of what happened when I was dead. Yes, dead.

She even claimed to have seen the afterlife while her heart stopped beating. Thankfully, the paramedics brought her back, and she claimed to be truly shaken to her core by the incident. She then checked herself into rehab to battle her addiction, and that was that.

Sabrina Burkholder Lost Custody of Her Daughters

Longtime fans of the reality star would know that her struggle with addiction has been a long-fought one and has been a regularly visited topic since her show debuted in September 2012. In fact, her addiction was directly responsible for her losing the custody of her two elder daughters: Oakley and Arianna. 

The daughters now live with their dad's sister, but Burkholder was given another shot at motherhood when she welcomed a baby boy named Zekiah with her boyfriend in 2019. Not long after, she got pregnant again. 

Although she had not originally intended on getting pregnant so soon, the couple were happy to expand their family and welcomed their daughter Skyler into the world. Despite losing custody of her eldest two children, she did her best to raise her two younger kids. Now, she has one more baby, making them a family of five. 

Sabrina Burkholder Claimed to Be Clean

She recently spoke with People and professed to fans that she had been clean for over three years now. She had also moved out of Pennsylvania and changed her "people, place, things" to facilitate her recovery. 

"I had to change everything in order to become the person that I needed to be," she confessed to the outlet. 

According to the outlet, the couple gave birth to daughter Kalani Ariyah via cesarean section on September 7, 2021, with the newborn weighing 6 lbs., 9 oz., and measuring 19 inches long. Burkholder also assured that all of Kalani's siblings loved her and were very excited to meet their new sister.