Russell Brand has had a significant presence in pop culture over his time in the limelight. He is an actor, a podcast host, and now a political activist.

Much like his activities on the professional front, his personal life, too, has made headlines.

Russell's 14-month marriage to his former wife — pop star Katy Perry — and his way of ending the relationship was the talk of the town in 2011.

But, the once-eccentric man has now settled down with his current wife, Laura Brand.

He went through drastic changes in his life to get to where he is today with a fulfilling family.

Russell Brand and Wife Laura Brand's Love Story

Russell and his wife, Laura, are high school sweethearts. He had dated her briefly in high school when he was only 19.

However, things ended unexpectedly between the two, and life pushed them apart. They remained like that for a long time.

In the meantime, Russell developed a reputation for himself, both in good and bad ways.

He had become successful in Hollywood as an actor and entertainer. But with that success came some bad things.


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At his lowest, Russell was an admitted sex addict who struggled with substance abuse for years.

In 2010 came his wedding to Perry. But that couldn't last for long. They went their separate ways just 14 months later.

Russell was the one who initiated the divorce, which he informed his now-former wife through a text message in 2011.

It was after this that Russell started to change for the good. Then, in 2015, he met Laura again.

Their meeting was, as their previous breakup, unexpected. They randomly ran into each other on a canal staircase.

While on the Made By Mammas podcast in August 2019, Laura talked about their reunion and its situation.

"We were both in a completely different place," she said of their meeting. However, things were somewhat familiar, too.

They both immediately realized that their relationship was going to become something serious. She still had "deep appreciation and love" for Russell, even though he had changed.

Therefore, they decided to take it slow the second time around. They had to rebuild foundations and trust again, but she confessed they believed they did it the right way.

Russell Brand with wife Laura Brand in April 2021.

Russell Brand with wife Laura Brand in April 2021. (Photo: Laura Brand/Instagram)

It wasn't just Laura who felt Russell's change. The actor himself realized he had become a better person.

He admitted to US Weekly in 2017 that he was then an "easier person to live with." However, he also admitted to his different situation and dependency on his wife.

Russell had been sure of his desire to settle down and become a family man since 2011. He told Redbook that year, "I think I was ready for it," referring to his marriage to former wife, Perry.

Only this time, he was doing it with his high school girlfriend, and things worked out perfectly.

Russell Brand's Family with Two Daughters

Even though they took it slow, their relationship had moved quite fast. They moved in together within six months, in November 2015, and got a puppy as well.

Brand's wife realized she was pregnant by Valentine's Day, 2016. Russell was ecstatic to know about his family getting bigger.

"He really wanted to become a father," she said during the podcast mentioned above.


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By the end of June that year, they were engaged but decided to keep the affair lowkey.

Then, on November 6, 2016, news broke that they had expanded their family after their daughter, Mabel, was born.

He had told the audience at one of his stand-up shows that he had to rush home because Laura had just had a baby.

About a year later, on August 26, 2017, they married in Henley-on-Thames. The wedding, too, was kept lowkey with only close friends and family in attendance.

In July 2018, the couple expanded their family once again with their second kid, daughter Peggy.

He now lives a changed, more "zen" life in his £3.3 million home in Henley, Oxfordshire.