Rudy Giuliani and his ex spouse, Judith Giuliani, went through a nasty divorce in 2018. It resulted from his infidelity during their time as a married couple, among other things.

Rudy developed a relationship with Maria Rosa Ryan, a nurse, while he was married to Judith. Their relationship became the last straw for Judith, who filed for divorce soon after she found out about his affair.

However, divorce had been brewing for a long time for the former couple. According to Judith, Rudy changed to the point she did not recognize him.

Rudy Giuliani’s Divorce with Ex Spouse Judith Giuliani

While talking to the New York Mag in 2018, around the time of their separation, Judith opened up about how she felt about Rudy's affair and their relationship.

Judith had seen Rudy's phone calls, his extravagant spending, and all the time away from home with Ryan, and was sure of their affair. Rudy had not confessed to that when the interview took place.

She was sure Rudy's relationship with Ryan was the first time he cheated on her. But it wasn't the infidelity that was the only reason for the divorce.

It was one of the reasons. The other was Rudy's changing nature.

"It was an ongoing process," Judith said of their split. The beginning of their end began when he lost the presidential campaign in 2008.

Rudy, according to her, used to be a loving person toward her. They bonded because of his prostate cancer in 2000, and stayed together through the 9/11 catastrophe. She helped him beat cancer, and her nursing background helped her.

"He really loved me," she said. "He loved showing me off, he respected me."

Rudy Giuliani's ex spouse Judith Giuliani divorced him after his affair with current girlfriend, Maria Rose Ryan.

Rudy Giuliani's ex spouse Judith Giuliani divorced him after his affair with current girlfriend, Maria Rose Ryan. (Photo: Rudy Giuliani/Instagram)

He was close with her family and was a kind, generous person towards them. But, as time went on, his generosity and kindness deteriorated.

"That's not the guy I know," she said after detailing his change. When asked, though, she didn't go into any details. She just said, "For a variety of reasons that I know as a spouse and a nurse, he has become a different man."

Judith Giuliani Didn’t Believe His Romance with Rumored Girlfriend Jennifer LeBlanc

Right around the time when they were breaking up, Rudy was seen out and about with Jennifer LeBlanc, a Louisiana political finance chair for his 2008 presidential campaign. According to a report from Patch, published on June 14, 2018, their time together had begun "two or three weeks ago."

They had plenty of public appearances, and to the untrained eye, they were a couple. To Judith, however, they were all but one.

She did not believe they were actually a thing. Judith was certain it was just a show on his part.

She was upset when Rudy denied his affair with Ryan, though. She denounced her ex-husband in a written statement when the affair first came out.

However, she was not angry at Ryan, or so she said. "I am not upset about Maria Rosa Ryan," she told New York Mag.

She filed for divorce from Rudy on April 4, 2018, and their 15-year marriage ended in divorce on December 10, 2019.

Rudy and Ryan are now boyfriend and girlfriend, something he only publicly admitted to in October 2020. They last created headlines when they were spotted in New York City, right after his widely talked-about appearance on The Masked Singer.

Before Judith, the former New York mayor was married twice — to Regina Peruggi from 1968 to 1975 and Donna Hanover from 1984 to 2000. He filed for divorce in both these marriages.

He has two children — son Andrew Harold Giuliani and daughter Caroline Rose Guiliani. He had them with Donna.