Ruby Tandoh has been married to her wife Leah Pritchard since September 2018. 

The couple met on Tinder and went public with their romance in 2015. Two years later, in January 2017, they announced their engagement on social media. 

The former Great British Bake Off star and her musician spouse had a low-key wedding ceremony in Sheffield before celebrating with family and friends at a reception held at Abbeydale Picturehouse, a former cinema.

Pictures from the special day showed the baker in a simple cream kaftan-style white lace dress with pink open-toe sandals, carrying a small sprig of white flowers. 

Ruby Tandoh and her wife during their wedding

Ruby Tandoh and her wife, Leah Pritchard during their wedding (Source: Damian Owen Board/ Instagram)

Meanwhile, her wife, who plays in a band called Alimony Hustle, was dressed in an electric blue suit with a colorful printed shirt and tan brogues. 

For the reception, Tandoh changed into a short sequin dress, and she and Pritchard were welcomed with a cool lightbox announcement of their nuptials.

Ruby Tandoh's Wife Encourages Her 

The chef and cookbook author famously came out on Twitter in 2015. 

She revealed she was bisexual writing, "Me to my parents today," alongside a video of Diana Ross's song 'I'm Coming Out.' "Feeling lucky and joyful and f r e e. over and Out," she added.

Her announcement came a few months after she began dating her partner. 


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As for how the chef discovered her sexual identity, she iterated that she had dated men in the past, but she felt the need to explore and understand another side of her.

She went on a couple of dates, and luckily for her, she met Pritchard quickly.  

In August 2016, during an interview with Grazia, Tandoh noted that her wife encouraged her to come out.

She explained that before they met, the author spent a lot of time by herself and was surprised at how easily she found someone new in her "insular life."

She added that they were in it for the long term and shared that marriage and kids were not their priority; however, they were looking to adopt a dog and buy their first home.

But in her February 2018 Op-ed article for The i online newspaper, she revealed that she and her partner were looking to adopt within the next few years.

Ruby Tandoh Calls Out Misogynists


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When Tandoh came out as bisexual, she also hit out at misogynists.

At the time, the author was under fire for allegedly flirting with show judge Paul Hollywood during her appearance on the series.

She took to Guardian and expressed that she was tired of defending herself against the accusations.

She said that the baking expert was old enough to be her father, and she would rather eat her foot than attempt to seduce her way to victory.

She also iterated that the comments were insulting to the judges and their professional integrity. 

But when she came out, the baker said it helped her hit back at those who criticized her while on the show. 

“P.s. for those who thought I fancied Paul Hollywood to get ahead. Joke’s on you, you massive misogynists,” said Tandoh.