Rosanna Arquette has been married four times to date. Unfortunately, all of them have ended in divorce. 

Her most recent spouse was Todd Morgan. He filed for divorce from the actress after being married for a little over eight years. 

Here is everything we know about their relationship and Arquette's ex-husbands. 

Rosanna Arquette and Spouse Todd Morgan 

Before dating Morgan, the actress had been single for two and half years. She was not dating anyone at the time, and then she met Morgan. 

Unlike her previous husbands, Morgan is not involved in the entertainment industry. Instead, he is an investment banker and one of the founders of Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC. 

Rosanna Arquette and her spouse Todd Morgan, posing for a photo

Rosanna Arquette and her spouse, Todd Morgan, posing for a photo. (Source: Twitter)

He is a famous banker who has often been featured in magazines like Forbes, The Wall Street Journals, The Associated Press, and The New York Times. 

However, Arquette did not mind the career difference and said she and her businessman partner had "the same values." The two got engaged in June 2011. 

In January 2012, the actress talked to the Huffington Post about her life and relationship. She admitted it was a challenge for her and her spouse, but they were still making it work. 

Arquette opened up about being in a relationship that did not work out for a few years. After the breakup, she started to go back to work, but she started dating Morgan as well. 

She confessed to having difficulty balancing her career and love life. Being in a relationship was "always about accepting the other person" for "who they are and what they do."

She added she needed both relationship and work since she was "not a whole person" without one. After two years of engagement, the Desperately Seeking Susan tied the knot with Morgan in August 2013. 

The two got married in a private ceremony surrounded by their family in Malibu, California. 

Rosanna Arquette and Spouse Todd Morgan's Divorce 

After eight years and four months of marriage, Morgan filed for divorce from his spouse. According to The Blast, the papers were filed on January 1, 2022. 

Morgan asked the court to terminate its ability to order spousal support per their prenuptial agreement. Similarly, he has requested that the property be divided "pursuant to the terms of the parties' prenuptial agreement."

To date, the pair have not revealed why they are parting ways. Morgan's filing of papers did not cite the reasons behind divorce from his wife but instead cites "irreconcilable differences."

Similarly, the Pulp Fiction actress has made no comments about the divorce. 

Rosanna Arquette posing for a photo

Rosanna Arquette posing for a photo. (Source: Twitter)

Rosanna Arquette's Ex-Husbands 

Arquette's first spouse was director Tony Greco. Unfortunately, there is little to no information about their marriage and relationship. 

It is reported that the two got married on July 17, 1979, and divorced a year later, on October 6, 1980. The actress was then married to composer and music producer James Newton Howard. 

They married on September 13, 1986, and divorced a year later on October 2, 1987. Arquette's third husband was restaurateur John Sidel, and the two got married in 1993. 

The pair were blessed with a daughter named Zoe Blue Sidel. Arquette and John parted ways in 1999 after six years of marriage. 

It is reported that the actress dated Steve Porcaro, Toto keyboardist, in the 80s'. 'Rosanna,' Toto's famous song was loosely based on her. 

She was also linked with singer Peter Gabriel for a couple of years. It is reported that his song 'In Your Eyes' was inspired by the actress.