Rosa Salazar is one of the cleanest celebrities out there when it comes to being involved in controversies, except for the odd restraining order. She has never been the one to be too loud on media, and not at all on social media since she does not even have one.

So, when queries about whether Salazar is homophobic come up on the internet, you have to wonder if they are even true, and if they are, why.

Is Rosa Salazar Homophobic?

The honest answer is — we do not know. There is nothing on the internet to suggest that she is anything of that sort.

Even Twitter, which is usually filled with random accusations from random people about a certain celebrity being racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc., is void of anything like that about Salazar.

The only tweet that contains both her name and the word 'homphobic' is from someone named olle. And the tweet is not an accusation on Salazar but appears to be a joke.

In the tweet, olle opines how nobody talking about Brand New Cherry Flavor, a show Salazar played the lead character in, was homophobic and that they were "not here for it." They were only complaining about the lack of social media talk about the project that they thought Salazar and her co-star, Catherine Keener, were brilliant in.

How Did Queries about Rosa Salazar’s ‘Homophobia’ Begin?

The searches on the web about Salazar and her apparent homophobia seem to lead to nothing substantial. There are, however, tertiary links between the actress and the word.

Is Rosa Salazar Homophobic?

Rosa Salazar (Photo: Twitter)

These links seem to originate through her past projects, mainly two of them — CHIPS (2017) and Alita: Battle Angel (2019).

CHIPS first.

The 2017 movie, directed by Dax Shepard and starring him and Salazar alongside Michael Peña, generated quite the buzz for being a not-so-good movie. While the entire movie was criticized for being unfunny, there was one particular joke that got the bulk of the attention and bore the responsibility for most of the accusations about homophobia the movie got.

In a scene in the movie, one guy makes violent face contact with another guy's nether region. There were also other instances of apparent homophobia, like Pena's character, Ponch's unusual dislike of touching another naked guy in a non-sexual context, and too many jokes about intimacy, and misogyny.

And now Alita: Battle Angel.

The 2019 James Cameron-directed movie, while liked by many for both what the movie was and Salazar's performance as the lead character, also became a subject of intense analysis for its old-fashioned notions, or so some reviews said.

The movie, according to a few, had become alt-right people's go-to pick for what a good movie with a female lead should be like. And this had, many opined, made the movie a way to perpetuate misogynistic and hateful ideologies.

It was even suggested that Alita: Battle Angel was used by the alt-right as their pick against Marvel's Captain Marvel, a movie much criticized for its own push of ideology onto the audience. While Salazar had nothing to do with any of these, her name naturally came up in these conversations.