Ronnie Stanley and his long-time girlfriend, Emily Kucharczyk, got engaged on July 12. 2021.

Stanley and his soon-to-be wife like to maintain a low-profile relationship.

But, they sometimes post pictures that keep the fans wanting to know more about them and their relationship.

Ronnie Stanley And Emily Kucharczyk's Relationship

Stanley made his Notre Dame debut in 2012 and met Emily the following year.

Kucharczyk has been with Stanley throughout his career breakthrough. She was with him during his selection by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2016 NFL draft. 

She supported his NFL career, moved to and worked in Baltimore, and rooted for Stanley.

Stanley's soon-to-be wife, Emily, first posted a picture of them in February 2014. She captioned the picture, saying Stanley has got her heart.

In the same picture, Stanley expressed his emotions through an emoji.

On June 7, 2021, Kucharczyk posted the picture, and, according to her caption, they were headed out for dinner in Los Angeles.

In the picture, she mentioned Stanley, her boyfriend, through hashtags.

On July 12, 2020, the couple got engaged. Their fans could witness the event through Kucharczyk's Instagram post. 

She shared monochrome pictures of them expressing their joy and kissing each other.

 Kucharczyk wrote a heartfelt caption for the photo that stated, "And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you, and I'd choose you."

Ronnie Stanley and Emily Kucharczyk 's engagement day

Ronnie Stanley and Emily Kucharczyk kiss each other on their engagement day. (Source: Emily Kucharczyk's Instagram)

The pictures she posted had hashtags that explained they were soon planning their wedding.

Ronnie Stanley's Soon-To-Be Wife Emily Kucharczyk

Kucharczyk is a fitness trainer and was born in Michigan. She is the eldest of three siblings. 

She studied apparel and textiles at Central Michigan University in 2010.

She enrolled herself in Michigan State University the following year and earned her BS in psychology and Kinesiology in 2015. 

She also completed a summer internship with the State of Fitness in 2015, which helped her build a career in health and fitness. She is also a Pilates instructor. 

Kucharczyk is also passionate about animals which made her enroll in a veterinary nursing program at Prude University in August. 2021. 

Kucharczyk doesn't post much on social media but has appeared on her sister's social media. Allison Kucharczyk, aka Allison Kuch, is Kucharczyk's younger sister. She has a YouTube channel.

There were speculations that Kucharczyk and her sister's boyfriend were brothers.

Kuch cleared this confusion on her YouTube Video. Rochell's wife, Kuch, mentioned the relationship between the two football players fostered through her and Kucharczyk.

In a Q/A video, she said her boyfriend and Stanley were not related but were fellow NFL pros and Notre Dame teammates.