Anyone would be surprised to find that RHOP star Robyn Dixon identifies as a Black woman, given that she rocks a fair skin tone highlighted by her green eyes. She has even talked about how people have labeled her “not black enough” since her school days.  

And her fair complexion gives away apparent hints of her mixed ancestry, but Dixon fully embraces her African origin, even after getting a DNA test that proved her European ancestry. 

Now the million dollar questions are who Dixon’s parents are and where they are from.

Hence, we try to answer all the frequently asked questions about her personal life, from her dating and marital history to nationality and age. 

How old is Robyn Dixon? What is his nationality?  

Robyn Bragg was born on 31 March 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. She possesses American nationality. 


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What is Robyn Dixon’s race?

Dixon’s looks have always troubled her fans; many don’t believe she is of the black race. And many believe that she came from biracial parents. 


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On 27 March 2016, a Twitterati named Lisa Marie asked Dixon why she had issues identifying as biracial.

The television star unhesitatingly replied that a person needed to have parents of two different races to be biracial. 

Admitting she had white ancestry, the Maryland native added her parents — father Guy Doc Bragg and mother Gladys Bragg — were both Black. Hence, she was also Black and not biracial. 

After Dixon defended herself on Twitter, many fans talked in favor of her support. Even Lisa apologized to Dixon for clarifying her racial identity. 

Dixon on Twitter also asked people to study the “one-drop rule” to understand her background better. If you don’t know, the rule considers a person black if the individual has one ancestor from black ancestry. 

Does Robyn Dixon’s NNA test prove that she was white? 

Dixon took to Instagram to reveal her ancestry results on 2 June 2019. She posted a gallery of pictures of the test result, disclosing her race percentage. 

According to the analysis, she is 39% African, with Mali and Congo as her origin.

The reality star is only one percent Asian but is 59% European. Her European origin is mainly from the European West and Ireland. 

Robyn Dixon shared her DNA reports disclosing her ethnicity, race, and ancestry

Robyn Dixon shared her DNA reports disclosing her ethnicity, race, and ancestry (Source: Instagram)

Despite the results, Dixon iterated she would never consider herself mixed or biracial.

Clarifying that she always knew she was never 100% Black, she opined all African Americans have European ancestry, regardless of the percentage. She called out the “evil white slavemasters that raped slaves for hundreds of years” for the European lineage that the African Americans possessed.

“It’s almost inevitable,” she penned. By extension, even with the knowledge that she was 59% European, she refused to consider herself mixed or biracial.

Thus Dixon stressed she “was raised in a proud Black family and would always be a proud Black woman.”

She clarified she took the test only to know the details of her history. She even urged her followers to take the ancestry test for themselves, which she found very enlightening.

But the test results later brought more controversy to the show as the topic of race had been the subject of arguments between RHOP cast members several times before. And one of the most flared discussions about race occurred between Robyn and her co-star Katie Rost. The former had repeatedly said that she didn’t believe Robyn was black and claimed that she was “racially obsessed.”

According to Rost, it was Robyn who used the race card often.

“Why don’t you look into your own family history? Because you bring it up all the time, it’s stupid, it’s offensive to me that you think that I’m not a black woman,” Katie replied to Robyn. 

Robyn also defended her position, stating, “Katie has no business calling me biracial and she knows what we are.”

And after Dixon made the DNA test result out, Rost alleged that the latter was now reasoning that she had no direct white ancestor just to fend off her biracial identity. 

Rost even took to Instagram to express that she was unsatisfied with not being given a chance to talk about Robyn’s European ancestry.

“Ok, I AM just as pissed off as everyone else that I didn’t get a chance to have confessionals on (RHOP) and discuss @RobynDixonRHOP and her reveal as being mostly European. She shamed me and my children in season 1 for being mixed. It hurt me! It’s a colorism issue left unresolved," Rost expressed on Twitter. 

Who are Robyn Dixon’s parents?

Dixon grew up with her African-American parents, embracing her ethnicity, but she faced confused faces right from her childhood.  According to the Realitytitbit article (dated 21 September 2020), her mother, Gigi Bragg, is a business owner and former college professor, and her father, Guy Doc Bragg, is a retired dentist with more than five decades of experience in the medical industry. In addition, his mother has an MBA degree from an Ivy school. 


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Her classmates wouldn’t believe she was Black and didn’t have white parents. As a result, the 42-year-old wanted to know the origin of her unique features.

Another reason she wished to find about her ancestry was that her mother also had a white complexion and straight hair despite being a part of an African family. 


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Understandably, Dixon got her Caucasian-like qualities from her mother, who knew she possessed European, Native American, and Filipino ancestry but wasn’t sure of them. 

In an interview with Bravo TV in June 2017, The Real Housewives of Potomac star shared she was confident about her culture and identity but would be thrilled to know about her other heritages.

And even after Dixon published the test, she revealed that she didn’t find any direct white ancestors in her ancestry tree. But, according to My Family Genie, some of her ancestors., predominantly on her mother’s side, were “mulatto,” which is a term used for a person with both white and black ancestry.

Who is Robyn Dixon’s husband?

Robyn is married to none other than the former professional basketball player Juan Dixon, who is the current head coach of the prestigious Coppin State University in Baltimore. The pair are high-school sweethearts who started dating in the ’90s as teenagers and married in July 2005 and have two sons, Corey (b. 2008) and Carter (b. 2010).

The pair’s relationship suffered a divorce in 2012, but they still lived together post-divorce. Later, they obtained a marriage license in August 2020, which was set to expire in February 2023. 

Finally, in February 2023, the couple remarried despite the existence of rumors that alleged Juan cheated on her during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their wedding venue was beautifully decorated with flowers. 


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In addition, while the pair have denied that he physically cheated on her, the alleged mistress, reportedly identified as “Brittany,” has labeled Juan and Robyn’s relationship as fake and claimed that the relationship was just created for “TV.”

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Even TV host Andy Cohen has labeled Robyn’s version of the story as “BS.”