Rob Dyrdek lived up to the Fantasy Factory name when he asked his longtime girlfriend Bryiana Noelle Flores to be his wife. 

He had elephants and everything — prop elephants at least. 

How Rob Dyrdek Proposed to His Girlfriend

People later detailed how the proposal actually went down. 

Dyrdek and his now wife were out visiting Disneyland when they sat for an Aladdin stage show.

Using the pretense of needing to use the men's room, Dyrdek left Flores' side only to appear on stage a few moments later, that too, riding the show's prop elephant. 

Rob Dyrdek proposing to his wife Bryiana Noelle Flores.

Dyrdek proposing to his wife Bryiana Noelle Flores. (Source: Instagram)

Taking over the show for a moment, he asked the show's Genie for his three wishes. 

For one, he wanted to be part of the show. For another, he wanted Flores to join him on the stage. And for his third and final wish, he got down on one knee. 

Flores said yes! 

How Rob Dyrdek Met Bryiana Flores

Dyrdek met his wife for the first time when he came to rescue puppies on a helicopter. Yup! You read that right!

As The Things reported, at the time, Flores was tweeting at the behest of an animal shelter that was going out of business in the hopes that people would adopt the puppies there. 

She was casually chatting with the MTV show host around the same time, and he told her that he would be taking a helicopter to save the puppies. 

Of course, any sane person would have considered the reply as a joke, right? Well, Dyrdek wasn't joking, and he kept his word.

Rob Dyrdek Married Bryiana Flores in 2015

Anyways, back to the wedding bells. The Disneyland proposal was in April 2015, and you know that the couple was head over heels in love because they wasted no time getting married.

Dyrdek and Flores shared vows in a beautiful ceremony on September 20, 2015, five months after their engagement. 

The pro-skateboarder turned MTV host took to Twitter to share the joyous news with the world. 

He posted a picture of himself hugging his newly wedded wife, both still clad in their wedding attire, and penned the caption to match. 

"Mr. And Mrs. Dyrdek," he wrote, followed by four diamond ring emojis. 

Rob Dyrdek & Wife Renew Vows Every Five Years

At this point, you might have realized that the adorable couple has an over-the-top relationship.

With that in mind, would it be a surprise if you found they got married again? 

In September 2020, Dyrdek broke the news of his second wedding with his wife Flores over Twitter. 

In fact, he assured fans that it would not be their last wedding either. 

The couple had planned to recommit to their wedding every five years, with a fairytale-like ceremony and a party.

Besides being a doting husband to his beautiful wife, the host of MTV's Ridiculousness is also a proud father of two wonderful kids. 

Their eldest is a son, Kodah Dash, born in September 2016. Kodah became an elder brother when the Dyrdeks welcomed his sister Nala Ryan in December 2017.