"Hopefully some of you sleep better at night knowing that I'm gonna change my nose now," Riley Hubatka clapped before she actually went ahead and got plastic surgery.

However, she didn't decide to take the surgery route just for the cosmetic benefits or just to stop people from commenting on her nose. 

She actually had a severely broken nose. 

Riley Hubatka Issued a Formal Apology

On December 7, 2021, the TikToker uploaded an apology on her TikTok handle. 

Thus far, she'd always been defensive when someone commented about her nose, which was fairly frequently, it seems. 

The comments ranged from "Is your nose broken?" to "Look at that big 'ol sniffer on her."

Hubatka would then clap back, saying that she had a wide bridge nose, it's unique, so on and so forth. 

Apparently, she'd never really consulted a medical professional regarding her condition until that very day. 

"The doctor told me it is, in fact, severely broken," she said before breaking out into laughter, followed by a formal apology to all those she'd clapped back on before all of this. 

Riley Hubatka Didn't Know Her Nose Was Broken

"I just don't know how I didn't notice that it was broken," she shared. 

She went on to inform those watching the video that she would have to get two different surgeries. 

"One to fix my severely deviated septum, and one to fix my severy broken nose," she said, still laughing about it. 

"I apologize to everyone. You guys were right," she acknowledged. 

Riley Hubatka's Plastic Surgery

Over a month later, on January 29, 2022, Hubatka put up another video on her TikTok capturing the highlights from her day before the plastic surgery.

While most of the video was about her getting tested for COVID-19, which was probably a mandate for the surgery, the last frame of the video gave fans a glimpse at her face post-surgery. 

As of this writing, the TikToker is still recovering from the plastic surgery and still has to clean out the surgical site with a saline pump on the regular. 

She even shared a video of herself getting the saline pump in either of her nostrils on her TikTok earlier a few days ago. 

Riley Hubatka before and after her nose surgery

Riley Hubatka before and after her plastic surgery (Source: InstagramTikTok)

About Riley Hubatka

Hubatka rose to TikTok fame in 2019 and has since pivoted her fellowship on the platform to gain massive fandom on both Instagram and YouTube, or so HITC suggested.

She found her footing on the platform by sharing lip-syncing and trending videos. On a few occasions, fans were treated with glimpses into her personal life as well. 

That being said, one of her staple video formats remains the outfit inspiration-type videos.

As of this writing, Hubatka boasts a whopping 2.3 million followers on her Instagram handle, which is only second to her TikTok fandom, which is at an awe-inspiring 8.4 million. 

That being said, her YouTube subscriber count is nothing to scoff at either. She has a respectable 131 thousand followers on her YouTube channel.