RiceGum, real named Bryan Quang Le, was in a public relationship with social media influencer Abby Rao in 2019.

The pair started dating in late 2018, and RiceGum introduced Rao to his fandom through a YouTube video on January 11, 2019. Following the first appearance, Rao became a regular guest in his videos and live streams. 

She even became the mainstay source for pranks, challenges, and comedy on his channel. Soon after, RiceGum created a joint YouTube account under the moniker FamilyGum with his girlfriend on February 7, 2019. 


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The duo started uploading contents of their everyday life as romantic partners on the channel. They even featured Rao's breast augmentation journey and the session where Rao tattooed the word 'RICE' on the back of her lower lip. 

But in late 2019, Rae stopped appearing on the videos. The couple also unfriended one another on Instagram, prompting fans to believe that they had broken up.

RiceGum's Split From Girlfriend Abby Rao 

After much speculations of their split, Rao finally broke the silence on their breakup. Through an interview with Hollywood Life in November 2019, the Instagram star mentioned they parted ways after discovering they had different goals in life. 

"I was just really destroyed," she admitted before affirming that she still loved RiceGum. But, then, she clarified they had different mindsets. 

I wanted to focus on the things I cared about, like life things, and he kind of wanted to care about more his career. It just caused us to clash.

The 24-year-old also shed light on the hate she was receiving from her ex-partner's fans. She shared she was constantly chastised for dating RiceGum, and the 'heartless' comments had only intensified since they parted. 

RiceGum Blamed Ex Girlfriend for Break Up

Months after Rao confirmed their breakup, RiceGum threw a shade at his ex-girlfriend through a Twitch stream in April 2020. The 24-year-old claimed that the content creator never supported him in his endeavors and referred to her as "clingy."

Rao quickly responded to the derogating comments through an Instagram Story. "I just want to start crying honestly," she said before mentioning that he was the one who spurred their estrangement. 


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The Instagram model also opened up about the issues through a confessional on her YouTube channel in April 2020.

"I don't even wanna be filming this video really. I am sad that this is the way that I am starting my channel...," she said at the beginning of the video. 

Then she blamed Twitch for their separation. Rao recounted how RiceGum would hold live streams with other girls and talk about things that made her feel uncomfortable. She noted that the YouTuber mistook her discomfort as unsupportive. 

Clarifying that she sidelined her career for her relationship, Rao remarked she was glad she broke up with RiceGum.

Who Is RiceGum Dating?

Since his split with Rao, RiceGum hasn't been in a public relationship. His social media is also void of any information regarding his dating status. 


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The being said, the Nevada native had announced having a crush on Ellerie Marie through a video titled, 'We Broke Up So I'm Meeting My New Crush' in July 2020.

The video caused quite an uproar, with Rao being upset after RiceGum featured another girl in their joint account. RiceGum even exposed his ex-girlfriend's concern by uploading her voice call on YouTube.

But despite the hassle, nothing serious brewed between RiceGum and his crush, or it seemed so.