Ray Liotta made headlines in the 2020 holidays when he got engaged to "the love of [his] life."

Liotta popped the question to his girlfriend Jacy Nittolo on 2019 New Year's Eve, and she said yes! The actor shared the joyous news with his fans via an Instagram post. 

Ray Liotta Got Engaged to Jacy Nittolo

"Christmas wishes do come true," he shared in the caption, 

I asked the love of my life to marry me, and thank God she said yes!!!

Ray Liotta with his fiancee, Jacy Nittolo. (Photo: Instagram)

Also featured in the post was a picture of the newly engaged couple beaming smiles for the camera as the two posed in front of a Christmas tree.

Liotta was previously married to actress Michelle Grace from 1997 to 2004. The former couple is also parents to a daughter, Karsten Liotta. And, as per NJ.com (via People), Nittolo has four children of her own.

Liotta's daughter was the one who introduced him and Nittolo. During an interview on Live Kelly and Ryan, the actor recounted how he met his wife to be for the first time. 

Ray Liotta's Daughter Introduced Him & His Future Wife

He narrated how his daughter, Karsten, was at a party with Nittolo's son at his sister's house. Coincidentally, Nittolo was at the party too. 

As the party went along, his sister wanted Karsten to meet Nittolo. Karsten told Nittolo right then and there that she wanted Nittolo to meet her dad. 

In Liotta's words, she said something like, "I think you'd be perfect for my dad." Nittolo was open to the idea until she found out that the man Karsten wanted her to meet was an actor.

As Karsten talked more about her dad, Nittolo stopped her to ask, "Wait a second, though. Isn't he in his like '60s? I'm in my 40s so there's..."

The actor stopped right there and further explained that Nittolo having a 10-year-old son at the time, was also a dealbreaker.

However, in retrospect, the couple seems to have made it despite their differences. 

Ray Liotta & Ex Wife Michelle Are Amicable Exes

Liotta was previously married to Grace. The couple has been divorced since 2004.

Still, Liotta was spotted with his ex wife in Beverly Hills on November 4, 2017, as per reports from Wonder Wall.

The couple was seen walking down the street, hand in hand, 13 years since their divorce. Understandably, people were speculating that the former flames had gotten back together. 

It is also likely that Liotta and his ex wife are friendly exes who sometimes like to hang out together.

After all, Liotta and Grace shared the screen for Take The Lead, which was released in 2006—two years after their divorce. 


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In 2007, he confessed to the Guardian that he was not ready to get back to the dating pool any time soon.

He believed he was too vulnerable at that point.

Although he did have a relationship after his divorce, it didn't really pan out. Well, that was almost 15 years ago.