So far in his life, musician Randy Jackson has walked down the aisle twice.

The first of his two marriages was with his first wife, Elizabeth Jackson, with whom he divorced back in 1990. The former couple also had one daughter, Taylor Jackson, together.

Jackson later married Erika Riker in 1995, and from the marriage, he and his wife welcomed two children: a daughter, Zoe Jackson, and a son, Jordan Jackson.

But Jackson's second marriage was also unable to last forever, as the couple separated after 18 years of marriage in 2014.

Randy Jackson's Wife Filed For Divorce

Jackson's wife was the one who filed for the divorce from her ex-husband. She submitted the documents in court, citing irreconcilable differences.

Riker, a German native, also sought full physical custody and joint legal custody of their son Jordan, who was a minor at the time.

Randy Jackson with his ex wife Erika Riker before the split.

Randy Jackson with his ex-wife Erika Riker before the split. (Photo: Twitter)

According to TMZ, the former couple had no prenup, which meant Jackson's earnings during the marriage were to be split 50/50 between him and Riker.

"Randy is bummed out," a source close to the former couple told People. "It's not the way he wanted it to happen or end."

Divorce Took Too Long to Finalize

Even though Riker filed for divorce in September 2014, the divorce was not settled immediately.

The divorce was eventually settled after over four years of the split in January 2019.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ [via People], a judge signed off on Jackson and Riker's dissolution of marriage in December 2018.

The docs also stated that the former couple would be officially divorced from February 7, 2019.

In addition, no further details of the divorce settlement were made public by Jackson and Riker. Due to that, fans couldn't know how much fortune Jackson gave to his second wife in divorce.

The couple had no issues regarding their children's custody, as their kids were already adults by the time the divorce was completed.

A few weeks following his divorce, Jackson was spotted with his new girlfriend, Simone, at the Sofitel hotel in Los Angeles. However, it is unclear if he is still together with her.

Who Is Randy Jackson's Wife Erika Riker?

Riker is a former ballet dancer from California. She met Jackson on the set of a music video shoot in early 1995.

After she married her ex-husband, she became a full-time homemaker and helped Jackson raise their two children.

That said, she and Jackson founded a family foundation in 2006. The foundation built dance studios and aimed to benefit youth programs in the Los Angeles area.

"We talked about a playground and then we came up with, how about a dance studio because it gives back directly to kids, it's a safe environment," Jackson talked about the project during an interview with Los Angeles Sentinel.

At present, Riker lives a low-profile lifestyle, due to which her happenings are hard to trace.