Ralf Little has now been engaged to his to-be wife, Lindsey Ferrentino, for quite a while now. They had even started thinking about a wedding.

Then the pandemic came along and ruined their plans. And not only did it ruin the plans, but it also kept them apart for months.

Being away from his partner affected Little in ways more than one.

Ralf Little’s Sex Life Suffered While Away from To-Be Wife

In September 2020, the COVID pandemic was still raging. It had stopped many things in their paths, including Little's romantic life with his partner.

While talking to Daily Star (via Mirror) in September 2020, he complained about intimacy in his life, or a lack thereof.

At the time, his future wife, Ferrentino, was in Florida, where she had gone when the pandemic began. And she was stuck there.

Americans had travel restrictions, so she could not go see her partner at work. He was in the Caribbean filming the BBC One showDeath in Paradise.

Ralf Little in the Caribbean where he had planned to marry his future wife.

Ralf Little in the Caribbean where he had planned to marry his future wife. (Photo: Ralf Little/Instagram)

When this interview was taken, Little had not seen his to-be wife for over four months.

He admitted to feeling like a 14-year-old again. Not in a good way, mind you.

He was complaining about not having had sex in those four months. He also referred to the state of his hand which had suffered from the separation.

"Remember when you were 14 and you were like, 'Maybe, one day, I'll be able to touch a girl, but until then it's me and you lefty!" he quipped.

It wasn't just his sex life that was suffering, though. The prospect of him making her his wife soon had also gotten uncertain.

During an episode of The One Show in January 2021, he said that their wedding plans had also been put on hold.

Ferrentino came up with an idea to get married in Guadeloupe. He was already filming the show there, so he did not have to travel that way.

But when the time to travel came, she could not get to Guadeloupe.


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Not all was bad for the actor, though.

Having grown up in Manchester, UK, he got to spend time in the sun in the Caribbean, and then later in Florida with his partner, when the restrictions loosened up.

How Did Ralf Little Meet His Partner?

Little met Ferrentino through work. He is an actor, she a playwright and screenwriter — they met on the set of a play.

The actor was a part of the cast for a stage act she wrote with Kris Marshall. They apparently hit it off right away.

The pair got engaged in September 2018. Little did Little know how easy he would have it.

She had told him that the only thing she wanted for her engagement was her grandmother's ring.

"I had a total result with the ring, though," he confessed to Mirror in February 2020. "it’s [her grandma's ring] absolutely beautiful. And free. I was like, ‘Brilliant!’"

He knew she was the one because it "just felt right" for him. "She's my best friend. This is the real thing for me," he said.

They had been planning wedding dates when Death in Paradise started filming.

But he wasn't planning for too far ahead. Even though he loved the idea of having kids with his partner, he wanted to fix where they wanted to live first.