Rachel Uchitel is perhaps synonymous with one thing - Tiger Woods. 

In 2010, she was slandered and shamed when her affair with the world-famous golfer came to light. Woods was married to Elin Nordegren, but they split in 2010 after the golf star’s multiple affairs went public, including the one with Uchitel. 

Uchitel worked as a TV producer for Bloomberg News in the late ‘90s. In 2001, her fiancé, James Andrew O’Grady, died amid the 9/11 attacks. 

She then moved to Las Vegas and then back to New York, becoming director of VIP operations of various nightclubs. That was how she met Woods.

Her beauty must have been irresistible for Woods, although surgeons speculate she has had some work done. 

Rachel Uchitel’s Plastic Surgery

In 2009, after the affair came to light, HollywoodLife ran an article on the work that the stunner might have gotten. The outlet put up before and after images, and she looked a little different. 

According to a few plastic surgeons, Uchitel had indeed gotten help. Dr. Steven Dayan, a facial plastic surgeon who reportedly works at a private practice in Chicago, opined that her nasal tip was shortened and brought up. 

He noted that the price of the procedure could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000. 

As for Uchitel’s lips, Manhattan-based aesthetic surgeon Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc shared that she had gotten injections on both her before and after images. He added that those injections cost around $900 per session.

But that is not all that she had done. Dr. Harry T. Haramis, a plastic surgeon at Sleek Surgical in New York, pointed out that a slight indent, either a nevus or a mole on the right side of her face, had been surgically removed. He revealed it could cost around $1,000 for the removal.

Where Is Rachel Uchitel Now?

After the scandal, Uchitel was scorned and called a home wrecker. Uchitel, whose image was tarnished, had trouble finding work. And since Woods, Uchitel married businessman Matt Hahn in 2010. They divorced in 2014 and share a daughter, Wyatt.

Uchitel recently made headlines after she gave an interview with The New York Times about her rendezvous with Woods over the years. The article was published on August 14, 2021. 

In the tell-all interview, she revealed she signed a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) with Woods for $8 million. The document she signed was over 30 pages long and stipulated that she could not talk about Woods to anyone.

After years of silence, Uchitel had enough of the “bullying” and was ready to bare it all and battle with Wood’s legal team head to head. 

She filed for bankruptcy, which protected her from violating the NDA she signed. Michael Holtz, an attorney for Woods, told a judge in May that he wasn’t informed on time about her bankruptcy, to which the judge agreed. 

Uchitel was supposed to attend a hearing on August 10, but there has been no news on the latest development so far.