Hallmark's Rachel Boston is taken! The actress announced her engagement with her husband-to-be over an Instagram post back in June. 

While the actress has proudly showcased her "forever love" for the mystery man and even put his face on her socials for the world to see, she had not revealed his name, at least not herself. 

Rachel Boston Is Engaged!

Boston took to her Instagram on June 15, 2021, to let everyone know she was engaged. She announced via caption that the man in the adjacent picture was her forever love. 

Boston's Instagram feed is filled with wedding photos. But, for those scratching their heads over those snaps, they were all reel life marriages. Unfortunately, the actress is yet to take a real-life husband. 

Her engagement announcement came with a picture of the adorable couple resting their foreheads against the other in what appeared to be a sunny afternoon. Both of them were dressed in white, him in a white shirt and her in a laced floral dress, as the backdrop saw the green of the land merge with the blue of the sea.

Rachel Boston's Future Husband's Name Was Revealed Last December

Although his name was not revealed in any of the posts, Boston had made, long-time fans of the actress might have had an idea about who he was.

Last December, Boston was out promoting her upcoming film, A Christmas Carousel, on Hallmark Channel's Home And Family show, where she cooked a casserole under the virtual guidance of her boyfriend—Tolya Ashe. 

Drumroll, please! Boston is engaged to private chef Toya Ashe, Seth Meyers' brother-in-law. It really is a small world. 

Who Is Rachel Boston's Future Husband?

As per his LinkedIn, Ashe graduated from the International Culinary Center, where he studied French cuisine, in 2011. Meanwhile, he worked as a Chef's Assistant for Francise Reinard from 2006 through 2012 and Chris Fisher from 2007 to 2012.

By the year 2009, he had enough experience under his belt to become a Private Chef—a title he still goes by. But it was only in April 2016 that Ashe finally got around to founding his own restaurant, Little Gem Catering, with a business partner, Jordana Blitz.

His bio describes him as someone known for his "aptitude for creative, healthy ingredients and his boundless energy."

Rachel Boston and Her Husband-to-be Are Pregnant

Ashe is about to be a father. On October 19, 2021, Boston announced she was having a baby, presumably with her future spouse. 

The snap featured the actress standing on a ledge on the edge of what appeared to be a river valley. She was clad in a simplistic white dress, gently holding on to her already prominent baby bump. 

"It's a girl!!!!," she announced before she thanked her little angel for choosing her. Understandably, she was excited about their journey ahead.