It seems like this week has been allocated to drag celebrities and the choices they make for their children. First, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis revealed they don't bathe their kids until needed, which created many controversies. 

Now, Queen Naija is getting backlash on the internet simply because of how she dressed her kids. Naija is a singer who rose to fame from YouTube and American Idol, Season 13. 

She has two children with two men — Chris Jr. with ex-husband Chris Sails and Legend with her current partner Clarence White. 

What Caused the Backlash?

On August 2, 2021, Naija shared four pictures of her sons on Twitter. The proud mama posted her kids, all dressed up and ready for their first day of school. 

While many people appreciated the way they were dressed, a few pointed out that the boys were dressed in different brands — one more expensive than the other. 

They noted that Chris Jr. was wearing Nike, whereas Legend was wearing a comparatively cheaper brand. This led to the speculations that Naija favors one kid over the other, and she received massive backlash. 

Naija went into mama bear mode and defended herself and her kids via a series of tweets. She said that both outfits were from Old Navy, and her sons were wearing shoes that matched their outfits. 

Similarly, she said that both her kids are loved, healthy, and learning well and asked her fans to leave her alone as their comments were harming her oldest son. 

Naija then tweeted that Chris Jr. does not even like being on camera because of the pressure of looking good for it. However, she clarified she talked to him and made him understand the situation.

Once again, people started questioning why she allowed her 6-year-old son to be on the internet to read negative comments. However, the singer once again defended herself and said that Chris Jr. only reads comments at his father's house. 

Chris Sails Defended Queen Naija 

Sails is also a singer and YouTuber like his ex-wife. Sails and Naija were high-school sweethearts who started their journey into the world of music and YouTube together. 

The pair got married in 2014 and separated at the end of 2017. Since then, they have tried to co-parent Chris Jr., but unfortunately, things have not always been smooth between the two. 

Controversies always surround the duo, like Naija being called home-wrecker, Sails throwing tantrums for not being invited to his son's graduation, and even a scare of Chris Jr. being missing when Sails was arrested for aggravated assault in April 2020. 

Regardless of their rocky past, Sails has now come forward to defend his ex-wife against the rumors of her favoritism. On August 2, 2021, he posted a series of Instagram Stories and addressed the situation. 

He said that it was important for a child to be looked after and cared for, not the clothes they wear. He pointed out that designer clothes do not matter and was happy that Naija was taking good care of their son. 

Sails said that designer clothes and items are one reason kids nowadays are depressed. He clarified that children felt the need to have such items to be accepted by others, but Sails was against it.

He ended his story with the message that he would teach his son that designer stuff is unnecessary for one to feel accepted in society.